Dream Catcher

Catching Dreams. Mumbai.

Behind the closed door of my study, I think. I think of a life away from this avaricious domain, a life among the highlands, the solitude of the wilderness. To be away from the duties laid down by the society in contrast to the importance of my individuality. To break free from the system that does not consent to imaginings. I contemplate of a life where deciding the subsequent collapsible starting point is the only mission. To travel into the void, to encounter societies, to know their legend, the only ambition. Not to be anxious about imminent but to be aware of the existent. To seize the day and make it worth looking back on. A life without remorse and learning from my blunders. To meet a companion who would endure the voyage with, rather than preventing. Who would comprehend my heart and make peace with my mind. And even if I happen to not stumble upon one, I would still continue my journey for everyday has something new to offer. Far away from the civilization, I flea.