How good story telling can help us ‘all’ understand Interventional Radiology better.

‘Possibilities through Interventional Radiology’ documents the journey and work of Dr Mathew Cherian and his department of Interventional Radiology at KMCH, India. The book documents one man’s journey, early beginnings, the journey of 20 years, 100 cases from head to toe, testimonials, words from the fraternity, etc.

The team explored a visual approach to technical medical data. Interventional Radiology is highly image-driven and this influenced the styling of the book. The book begins with Charles Dotter, the Father of Interventional Radiology who began his experiments with nothing more than ‘Pliers, Guitars and some Guts’ in early 1960s and he is the inspiration behind the title of the book.

The biggest challenge in the design of the book was to break out of the typical medical text book approach and take on an interesting easy-to-read visual approach to this technical content. Organising technical data also had its challenges, and the team worked closely with Dr. Mathew in bringing out the book.

The book was launched by honourable former President of India Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.