Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Hari OM!

  1. Shravana means hearing or listening. After listening to the words of scriptures, it is important to practice them to make this knowledge our own

2.The three strings represent our thoughts, words and action. The knot indicates the Brahman suggesting that our thoughts, words and action should all be united and integrated to Brahman.

3. We can appreciate our parents by practicing living with virtues and values taught to us by our parents. By being there for them when they need us.

4. I am reading the scriptures, listening to discourses, attending virtual jnana yagnas. (Thank you Vivekji for facilitating these), Volunteering to practice seva. Grateful to the Lord for all the opportunities for self growth and trying to be more aware and mindful of everyday situations.

5. By seeing oneness in all, having arpana buddhi and prasad buddhi attitude and by having a higher ideal in Life.

Thank You!

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