Work is Worship. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

An age old saying that rings true even today. Stay busy , stay productive and stay engaged in something.

When you put your mind to work, you focus on something with an aim or a goal to get it done. When you do not do anything and allow it to idle, and at the same time do not have control on your thoughts, you allow it to wander and think of situations that need not be dwelled upon. Some happening, some event that just happened in the passing, will take precedence and enevelop your mind space.

Being idle by choice, is not really idling. When you choose to spend some of your day’s time in mindful silence, it will give you peace.

Life is never about working all the time or being idle all the time. It is the finding that balance which keeps you at peace with the self. Allow yourself the luxury of time to think and to do.

We were born in this world with a purpose . So keep trying to fulfil it. One step at a time but keep at it.

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