This time deekshu did not want anything girly.. so she went for “the cat in the hat”. I had read mixed reviews about Dr Seuss books. One even said she hates his books because the English is bad.. I was a bit hesitant to let her choose this book out of all, at the same time I did not want to curb her interest and force her to read something else. So I promised, I will let her read this and see what she thinks.

Strangely, she found it easier to read as small rhyming words were used to construct a sentence. She fell in love with the illustrations. It was relevant, simple and more like a doodle than a printed drawing. This book had more than twenty page but she loved the way it was written. It had a wacky plot, funny exclamations and a seamless flow to it.

This book will suit both boys and girls (since some mentioned his/her son or even daughter did not like pinkalicious as their fav colour was blue 😊😊) if you are looking at introducing Dr Seuss books , pls go ahead. This can never go wrong. In this, the cat in the hat says what all and how all it can read. Here is one small excerpt for you all which I loved

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