Cosmetic Dermatology Abu Dhabi

There are many factors that can be of importance of much more cosmetically than from medical aspect . Be it a small skin growth or a small mole on your face that can pull down your confidence . For many such cosmetic requirements people often tend to rush to unprofessional beauty salons and get the treatment done paying heavy amount . It is always however safer to study well any case and make your decision on whom to choose.For best noticeable results in Cosmetic Dermatology procedures opt for Archer Dental and Dermatology located in Abu Dhabi . The dermatologist in the clinic is well recommended by many of the patients as the best Cosmetic Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi.

Today we introduce Dr.Betsy Lakshmy Narayan who is an U.S Trained Dermatologist and also an expert in many cosmetic dermatology procedures.Her specializations include Cosmetic Dermatology treatments to turn the clock of age a little backwards and make you feel a few years younger through techniques and services like Botox, Skin Fillers, PRP for Hair and Skin and also body contouring techniques that promises to make you look great from all angles.

Coolsculpting in Abu Dhabi and Power shaping are two main services that you could opt for fighting the stubborn fat in the best way. These treatments are FDA Approved, non surgical, completely painless and with no downtime. so next time you have any dental or dermatological concern be it medical or cosmetic do not hesitate to head to the experts at Archer Medical Center. Located behind the Mazyad Mall in Abu Dhabi. For more information check