8 Lies Transgenders Tell Themselves

A Twisted Sense of Science and Empathy

  1. “I Have a Girl Brain and a Boy Body”

We’ll start with the most obvious fallacy, though this is usually the go-to with leftists when describing the transgender phenomenon. You physically can’t know what it is like to have a girl brain if you haven’t experienced the opposite. You can note how people treat you as you live life as the opposite gender, sure, but this is very different than claiming your brain is actually of the opposite gender.

On that same wavelength, Isn’t your brain part of your body? Just because you can consciously separate your body from your thoughts doesn’t mean you can magically say that one of your body organs is the opposite gender.

But stop there? I’d get laughed at if I claimed that I have the brain of a raccoon. I love soft clothes, climbing trees, and playing by the creek, after all.

Your body is the way it is, even your brain. The first part of accepting yourself (which is what I thought this whole movement was centered around), is to actually accept yourself, your whole self, not just the parts you like.

2. “It’s all about Compassion”

How can you claim on one hand that supporting this movement is about compassion while the other hand is shoving someone into a demographic that has a lifetime suicide rate of 40%? The compassionate thing to do is educate and guide the misguided, not support delusion and potentially a life of regret.

This of course doesn’t mean violence, intimidation, or threats, but when it comes to children, how about teaching and guiding, rather than letting their every whim end up controling you?

3. “God Loves Me the Way I am”

This isn’t inherently a lie, as He has an infinite and eternal love for you- because of your eternal value as his son or daughter. However, using God’s love for us to justify our every action is to deny His very nature as a God of justice, a God of order.

I have found recently that we in western society bend very little to God’s laws, yet we mold and shape everything about Him into our current ideology, and even our actions. This goes for Christians as well, unfortunately. We can’t talk about progressivism without calling ourselves out for our worldliness.

You could use the same “love logic” to describe the love parents have for their children. Even those convicted of the horrible crimes still often reflect on the unconditional love of their parents. Your parents may always love you, even when you make bad decisions and cause them grief.

4. “I Know I did the Right Thing”

On the horrifically-produced reality show, I Am Jazz, the daily life of a transgender teen, the mom emphatically says, “I know we did the right thing by having our son transition into a girl at a young age.” She says this so often, it’s almost a rote affirmation at this point.

Almost like she’s still trying to convince herself after all this time.

You can’t say that just because you’ve found a way to be happy NOW doesn’t mean that it was unequivocally the right choice at the time. Again, you can’t see what would have happened had you made a different choice. It’s an unfortunate impossibility that we have as mortals. More than likely, you’d be able to find a way to be happy either way. That’s what we do as humans, we attempt make the best out of our circumstances.

5. “This Doesn’t Affect Anyone But Me”

This is perhaps one of the most pernicious lies that the left tells, that my decisions don’t affect anyone but myself. As a libertarian-leaning conservative, I fight each day for you to have the right to do whatever you want with your body and your family as long as it isn’t abusive.

But to pretend that what I do doesn’t affect my wife, my daughter, my siblings, my community, my friends is ASININE. Seriously, we’ve all been affected by the decisions of another in some way, so quit telling people to do destructive things under the guise of apathy.

What you’re really saying is, “I’m doing this in spite of how it will affect others.”

6. “Gender is Fluid”

Tell me, if gender is fluid and can be switched on a whim, why are you TRANSITIONING to the other? Transitioning seems to indicate more than just a marginal change made in your mind, but a physical change as well. At the same time of convincing the rising generation that gender identity and sexual preference are fluid, they beat the continuous drum of “I was born this way”.

Well, which is it?

7. “I want to Look on the Outside the Way I Feel on the Inside”

The same people promoting this dangerous new fettish are the same people who were promoting “accepting yourself” just a couple decades ago.

This is literally the opposite.

If you want bigger boobs, just swipe your credit card. If you want to be the opposite gender, swipe it. If you don’t like your nose, you know what to do.

We’re teaching our kids to never be happy with how we look. Because OBVIOUSLY if we just looked the way we felt on the inside, we’d be happy.

Just like this lady.

Or this zombie guy.

Or this one.

Or this…. guy?

8. “My Child Likes Girl Stuff, So He Must Be a Girl”

My three year old nephew spends most of his waking hours on his hands and knees, barking at the top of his little lungs. By your logic, we should put him in a cage, buy some Ol’ Roy and a Dogloo for him to sleep in. Surely, this could never be called anything but child abuse.

This exact logic should be used for parents who undertake major life-altering decisions at an age where their brains are clearly still developing.

The science is settled, yet this is just another attempt of the left to cherry pick what science they claim is settled. We’re causing the earth to warm up? The science is settled! A man can become a full-fledged woman? No problem with it.

*A Note About Ideology vs. Treatment

I get accused all the time of “hate” because of my views. Another thing that the left can’t seem to separate is how we actually treat people vs. what we believe.

People seem to think that because I am a critic of the trans movement that I must curse at them when I drive past, or spit on them on the sidewalk. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m actually a pretty nice guy and welcome the chance to talk freely with people with whom I disagree.

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