Feminism = Rape Culture

The sad way Feminism was Destroyed from the Inside

One of the most popular Youtube fads right now to poke fun at feminists and “Social Justice Warriors” in general. It’s easy to see why, as these overstimulated females make fools of themselves ranting and raving, screaming obscenities and contorting their faces in demonic ways (and pouring menstrual blood on themselves [about 1:30 mark]) all in the name of their new religion called feminism.

Here’s the title of one that has pushed close to half a million views in two months.

Why? Because Feminists have become the laughing stock of humanity. Also notice the fact that this is #13. How many millions of views has this single channel gotten? Currently, it has a quarter million subscribers, meaning, they are notified every time a new video comes out. People are enthralled by these laughable losers.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Strong, Courageous

The dawn of feminism was a glorious time, wrought with women of true values and bravery. Indeed, this was a time of change that undoubtedly forged America into the 20th century powerhouse it was destined to become. Women now were empowered by their femininity, not held back by it. Typically, these were moderately conservative women trying to move forward with suffrage, the primary goal at the time. This was achieved in large part by forming coalitions of peaceful protests that soon could not be ignored. They worked with the political system and spoke out against the true injustices at the time, such as not being allowed to refuse sex with their husbands. This was true oppression in almost every sense of the word.

See? They used logic, irony, and heart- things we may have left in the 1920’s.

Entitled, Loud, Promiscuous?

Feminism shot up from its noble roots and within decades became a wonderful tree, bearing much good fruit along the way. Enter the 21st century, and we see the gnarled branches and leeched soil, barely recognizable from its former image.

Those who claim to be feminists do not share much, if any, qualities that true feminists find to be defining. For instance:

  • Teaching women to love and respect themselves is an incredible thing. But teaching that morbid obesity is ok as long as they accept themselves is not feminine. It’s insanity.
  • Teaching women to deny their divine role as mothers and nurturers in the home is not feminism, it’s unnatural.
  • Teaching women to kill their unborn children out of convenience isn’t empowering, it’s spreading and normalizing atrocities.
  • Teaching women to dress like a street prostitute if they feel like it (then ignoring the consequences) isn’t a sign of freedom, it’s just plain stupidity. (and sleazy men love it)
  • Teaching women to demand comforts at whim from taxpayers isn’t a God-given right, it’s childish special pleading- something real feminists sought to avoid at all costs.
  • Teaching women to bemoan and lament their body processes as if they are cursed isn’t creating women who love themselves. It’s creating women who hate themselves.
  • Teaching women that they are the same as men is destructive and wrong. Then to add insult to injury, if they prefer, they can even become men. And men who become women? Are they feminists? The question itself begs to be put in an asylum.
  • Teaching women that gender is a social construct begets violence and inner turmoil, not peace. Androgynous blobs are not feminine. They reek of insecurity and attention-seeking fanaticism.
  • Teaching women that all men are out to hold them back and knock them down is callous and untrue.
  • Teaching of the shadowy, faceless “patriarchy” that looms over them is perpetuating a pernicious lie that creates a victim-mentality, not strong and independent women.
  • Teaching women that they are above being dedicated full-time mothers is a gross diminishing of perhaps the greatest accomplishment and joy for which many women yearn.
  • Teaching women to downplay religion and marriage is an exclusionary practice which promotes moral anarchy.

This is not feminism, it’s anti-feminism.

Now let’s talk about “Rape Culture”, as the 3rd wave anti-feminists put it. Women have every single right afforded them that men possess (and in some instances, more). Still, though, we hear of injustice on the daily, with some being as small as saying “mean things”.

While I am all for justice and equality, we do not have the right not to be offended. Feminists seem to think that these days, and is the major cause of their long-winded emotional grumblings.

After more than a decade of feminists telling women to do whatever they want as a means of “self-expression”, they have created a monster- women who behave like men. Not how men should behave, but traditionally thought to embody the worst of male leanings. Loud-mouthed, sex-obsessed, idol-worshipping, lazy, apathetic, slovenly, godless…. men.

There is nothing feminine or beautiful about this new type of feminism. In truth, it takes all that is pure and tender and blends it into something rigid, vile, and disgusting. I’m grateful that most women still don’t participate in this deplorable falsehood, but am saddened as I see their ranks growing ever more numerous.

We’ve seen and established that in a culture of alcohol, pornography, and selfishness, sexual promiscuity dominates the landscape, which inadvertently paves the way to rape. While it’s not true that we are in the middle of some kind of “rape crisis” (it’s certainly been worse in the past), it’s still a major issue in the US.

Rape is wrong. Even the worst of humanity understands this. The problem isn’t that men don’t know it’s wrong, it’s that it is easier now that women have been lowered down to their level through this cultish fascination with feministic views. It has perpetuated rape culture, there’s no doubt about it.

My goal is to call upon women to return to the type of feminism that actually empowers women, not teaches them lies about their divine nature and purpose.

Women have long-fought for the ideals of a word that Americans have come to love- Freedom.

My only question is, what now will they do with it?

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