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Another bunch of thuds for ignoring the godly grill. Go fill your profile for a moody pick at the dock and look for the turf with a logo on the pill. Karl, the puppy will meet you at the mill where you can fly for peanuts with DHL.

Oh, oyasumi Judi Pilkington. You can sleep for months till the question trial on Pluto. I'm all for the buns at Durham, but oil? They'll hit pillocks with a delay in the teeth! Is that what you're into?

Better keep a guru for DJ Pink and the chap poking neo URLs while blasting euro TV with a trio of egg whites. She’s a bag of fun, Nikki. Look, post-op, fry the sun and throw a jug of ink on the plinth at the club for a bit of tonk.

Stock milk in bulk for London if there’s a centipoise punk in prissy Longbridge. The little ones were using a long man to wash Phil with soy. It was the very same mail I sent to my real Karl in Kosovo, near Eastbourne.

Study the freedom computer, put up with your sea and only bang Ruth, the one who produced slouch. Admit the environment others plumb with phonon to refresh from work is any amigos’ singular holdup.

Monday Keyboard Wizardry is series of 10 texts based on words generated by trace typing at random, cleansing the gibberish and then connecting the remaining bits with a touch of wizardry. Published on Mondays for your utmost enjoyment.

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Surrealist writer and illustrator with a multifaceted split personality.

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