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The buildup in Joseph's moll reached Hokkaido, so did Cyndi’s and Paul's. Tomorrow, we'll attach the selfless age that got us deaf for a cent. Mommy, she did refer to the anthology because most immigration is in plural only.

Hugo will comply with the function area stretching far outfield. One stone heavy, but so weak that it bumps on the hall sign in direction of a noun that fibroblasts logistics. The proof? Burrito knuckles.

Phil ships his glossy cash from hip-hop to a fluff onion studying odontology in a plump studio. The subtle goto girl from a bathonian lookout is putting the Saudi icing on the cake in Ontario.

Let’s survey the park for mom's error with gruff almonds. You stood in yourself, hoping for an upgrade, but he will ask all to search for a piglet trick with lentil plywood.

They'll fulfill Robert with a monovalent and unhip PayPal vinyl photo, a gibbon and a trophy. He's a true rooibos hero, a hobgoblin, difficult to group with the promo riff, just like all the previous folk skinheads.

Monday Keyboard Wizardry is series of 10 texts based on words generated by trace typing at random, cleansing the gibberish and then connecting the remaining bits with a touch of wizardry. Published on Mondays for your utmost enjoyment.

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Surrealist writer and illustrator with a multifaceted split personality.

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