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Cheryl’s kitchen on the hill of horror is within the back loop where the nurse hides her monolith. A napkin made from ham is what got Justin dazed in the dark.

I’m on a lyric cruise spinning neomycin for jobs in wood innovation. Using an overnight thumb made you wish l was bodybuilding with Yves for a waybill from hell.

Negligence can be ruinous for a social fishbowl named Sarah Goodwin who obeys the top-half branch of graphs. Uninsured, the subtotal puts a resinous patch on a ton of tampons.

In Houston, the risk of food being solidly civil on a shelf for single tuition is as strong as a fugitive in a darkroom handknit from philanthropy.

Although they audition in omniverse, it’s possible that Regine’s Sodom dump will be effective infectiously. A kimono signals to the edgy deaf at the bottom that the outcome of the session will flip deep in the federal stock.

Monday Keyboard Wizardry is series of 10 texts based on words generated by trace typing at random, cleansing the gibberish and then connecting the remaining bits with a touch of wizardry. Published on Mondays for your utmost enjoyment.

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Surrealist writer and illustrator with a multifaceted split personality.

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