Monday Keyboard Wizardry #6

Archibald Blondinet
Jan 7 · 1 min read

The tussock is unimodular and it’s causing a lot of haughty problems. It also seemed that Melissa’s jewelry paid wishy visits on a diet of two twitching indigo fridges.

October’s budgeting implications call for a reset of the originally fretful phonetic union. Backed by the resonator in thorny falsetto, on Tuesday we’ll kneel by the olive waistcoat.

Marble neocolonialism will increase the Kasparov ploy in browny goodbyes. Think the garrison will reply today? Well, fuck Priscilla’s fathers-in-law and their candyfloss pain.

The clerk who had known the whistles probably observed the motorcycle too. Quick documents in a kingdom of squat icicles and pivot waves make the procedure idiotic.

Obesity is important in photolithography when a divvy hexagon drops a pineapple in the crypt. I downloaded a tram app and became a player in minutes.

Monday Keyboard Wizardry is series of 10 texts based on words generated by trace typing at random, cleansing the gibberish and then connecting the remaining bits with a touch of wizardry. Published on Mondays for your utmost enjoyment.

Archibald Blondinet

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