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Gringos weren’t the buffalos keeping good art from a holdup of psych money. A photo pick is always a pain in the lofts said Judi Hussain to the president of the oval obituary.

In lieu of golf, Mario plays chip tool with Tatsuo, the offhand particularity plodding negativity at the pole. Flood today, bookshop pudding disunion of a stockpile tomorrow.

I have a pristine particle of a seagull conspiring with a bishop on a longing servlet. She agreed noontime is the web’s best outbuildings of a monotonous suffix.

Yugoslavia’s guru has an unimpassioned condominium just for knapping periodic omissions on a ribbon. Yet the artist rinks theological self-confidence. Go figure.

Rodrigo shrivels and feels lethargic about dancing with his stepbrother’s tomato-clutching platoon who proofreads audiobooks gloriously. What a poisonous creativity metaphor!

Monday Keyboard Wizardry is series of 10 texts based on words generated by trace typing at random, cleansing the gibberish and then connecting the remaining bits with a touch of wizardry. Published on Mondays for your utmost enjoyment.

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Surrealist writer and illustrator with a multifaceted split personality.

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