Digital Signage: Currency Rateboards

Designing a reading experience for travelers exchanging currency at the airport…

Client: Travelex
Project Role: Visual & UI Designer
Design Team Composition: 1 Visual & UI Designer, 1 UX Designer

Terminal 2, London Heathrow, UK | All photos courtesy of Travelex, Inc.

Product Background

Travelex’s foreign exchange business and brand presence is largely driven via retail stores placed in airports and international cities. This project introduced a complete redesign of the digital rateboards used to display currency exchange rates within Travelex stores globally.

Before / After

Product Requirements

Our two-person design team worked alongside four other teams within Travelex to identify key project requirements:

Product Experience

The product’s experience design was considered from two perspectives:

The Traveler: Sees the product in passing, and needs to have relevant information delivered to them in roughly three seconds. Their reading experience of the layouts needs to be consistent whatever their country of origin or destination is. They might be traveling for business or pleasure.

The Store: Needs to be able to transform themselves multiple times during the day in order to communicate how they can serve traveler’s foreign exchange needs.

The needs of both ‘users’ highlighted the importance of a dynamic and adaptable content system. Time was spent considering if the system should be a adaptable across a series of screens, or within a single screen layout itself.

Design System

Final designs established a modular template that would allow screens to be efficiently assembled and tailored to each region. All content could be scheduled to coincide with matching flight departures and arrivals.

The designs needed to adapt to international languages, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of different countries.

Grid Design

It was important for the designs to catch the attention of customers in open public space, as well as clearly present high volumes of numerical data and tables in a digestible way for travelers. It was important to consider design details such as type sizing and color contrast.

Terminal 2, London Heathrow, UK

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