Digital Signage: Currency Rateboards

Designing a reading experience for travelers exchanging currency at the airport…

Client: Travelex
Role: Graphic & UI Designer
Collaboration with Designer and UX Lead DeAndre Purdie.

Terminal 2, London Heathrow, UK | All photos courtesy of Travelex, Inc.

A project to update the global design and infrastructure of all digital signage displayed in Travelex retail stores.

Final designs established a modular template that would allow screens to be efficiently assembled and tailored to each region. All content could be scheduled to coincide with matching flight departures and arrivals.

The designs needed to adapt to international languages, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of different countries.

Grid Design
Before / After

It was important for the designs to catch the attention of customers in open public space, as well as clearly present complex numerical data and tables in a digestible way for the user.

Terminal 2, London Heathrow, UK

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