Logo: Mighty Fine Pictures

Designing for strong female voices in the world of independent film…

Client: Mighty Fine Pictures
Role: Graphic Designer
Collaboration with video producer Aaron R. Stewart

Select Appearances: TedX / Atlanta Film Festival / Gold Coast International Film Festival / Edinbugh International Film Festival

1. Logo

Mighty Fine Pictures are a film production company led by the award winning team of Charlene Fisk and Carrie Schrader. Together, they make full-length features, music videos, commercials, and documentaries.

The phrase ‘Mighty Fine’ derives from a strong dose of Southern Pride, and the studio’s passion to be an empowering voice to fellow women in American film-making.

It was important for the logo’s design to be firmly rooted in the visual language of film, while at the same time demonstrating qualities of the powerful feminine spirit.

2a. In Motion
2b. In Motion: The Founders Documentary (Animation work by Aaron R. Stewart)
3. Process/Sketch Samples
4. Logo Development & Guidelines
5. Logo Applications

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