Product Design: Nihao Currency Card

Using storefront signage to inspire the design of a prepaid currency card for business travelers headed to China.…

Client: Travelex
Role: Graphic Designer
Collaboration with Travelex’s Design and UX Lead, and the company’s Product team.

Travelex’ Nihao card is a pre-paid foreign currency card aimed at international business travelers to China. The card permits users to preload Chinese Yuan at a set exchange rate onto a card that will be accepted by the China exclusive Union Pay platform.

The card’s final design is conservative, using a recognized and established international design language associated with China. The approach allows the product to clearly communicate where it is to be used, and to distinguish itself against other Travelex currency cards intended for use in other countries.

Chinatown Images © Google Maps.

Working on the project out of Travelex’s New York office, Chinatown was a valuable point-of-reference when considering color and type.

Adobe’s Clearface Gothic best-balanced the contrasting uses of Arial set against traditional ‘hanzi-style’ Chinese letterforms on storefront signage.