UI Design: Smart Beta Interactive

Using layout and color theory to make financial data accessible…

Client: Research Affiliates
Role: Lead UI Designer
Collaboration with the in-house team at Research Affiliates, and the design team at Viget.

Smart Beta Interactive (SBI) is an interactive web-application for asset managers and financial advisors. The tool offers the ability to analyze expected excess returns, historical returns, as well as various risk measures and markets for more than 25 investment strategies and success measures.

1. Smart Beta Interactive | © Research Affiliates, LLC. All images are shown courtesy of the owner.
2. Responsive User Interface Designs

The core layout and functionality was determined by the In-House User Experience Designer. The interface design (sizing, spacing, color, typography, interaction states) across devices was designed by myself. Chart implementation was masterfully-handled by the team at Viget using D3.js.

3. Layout Construction

The color design of the application presented a unique creative problem: Implement a color system that helps accessibility and reading, can be printed in both color and grey-scale, and can work for a greater number of categories than available in the rainbow.

4. Color Design

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