An introductory look at AIGA and Google’s newly released data-set surveying designers in 2017.

For a six-week period during November and December 2017, AIGA, the professional association for design, and Google partnered to survey the US Design Industry in their second annual Design Census. Just over 13,000 people participated, and the information they gathered is now freely available for all to explore at

“Songs For…” is an annual mixtape project that began in 2009, where every installment has a theme tied to the music I’ve been listening to over the past 12-months.

2017’s “Songs For All These Beats” is available now, and can be STREAMED HERE.

This year’s artwork explores the connections between…

With thoughts from Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische, and Willoughby Design

[Note C]

The gender pay gap is neither conspiracy nor secret. The latest statistics from the US Census Bureau observe that in 2015, women in the U.S. earned 80% of what men earned. …

The third in a series analyzing the 2016 AIGA Design Census.
Part One and Part Two.

Transparency on the subject of compensation is some of the most sought after in the design industry. As it stands, 34.6% of all AIGA Design Census Gallery submissions include data points around salary…

The year so far, and our plans for what’s next… an update from AIGA Orange County’s new President.

These first hundred days of my Presidency would not have been possible without the efforts of our previous President, Lauren Vajda. Lauren has infused ambition, vigor, and a strong vision into AIGA…

The second in a series analyzing the 2016 AIGA Design Census.

Part one of this series concluded the value of AIGA’s Design Census platform. …

This is the first in a series analyzing the results of the 2016 AIGA Design Census.

2016 was the inaugural year of the AIGA Design Census; a partnership with Google Design to collect invaluable data about our evolving design industry. …

Artwork by Archie Bagnall, inspired by the work of Reid Miles

Every year I make a music mixtape to share with friends and colleagues. Each entry is built around a theme that relates to either the places I’ve been or the music I’ve been listening to for the past 12-months.

2016’s “Songs For All That Jazz!” is now available, and can…

And the impact that has on Portfolio websites.

Defining the role of the ‘Designer’ is an impossible task.

It’s not due to the lack of valid answers, but quite simply that there are too many answers. …

Archie Bagnall

Sr. Experience Designer ML/AI at Adobe. President Emeritus, AIGA Orange County

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