Pence — Constituents never forget, Governor: A Continuing Compendium

Pence, left, and Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort shake hands in Cleveland. (Rob Kunzig/Morning Consult)

First — I’m not a journalist, just an Indiana resident. I’m not sure if it’s the midwestern face and demeanor, but the media seem to have a collective amnesia about Mike Pence that frequently leaves them assuming he’s a straight arrow. To counter this, I started maintaining this collection of his outright lies, corrupt and unethical actions, authoritarian and theocratic tendencies in an effort to provide an ACCURATE picture of his governance.

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  • Human Rights Campaign has launched a dedicated site on getting to know Mike Pence. He is the single largest individual danger to LGBTQ civil rights in our country. For so many it’s incredibly painful how close he is to the presidency. Many are torn because Trump is indeed corrupt and potentially compromised…but Pence is for many a terrifying alternative:

ITEMS NEEDING ADDED (this ain’t my day job):

  • Lead contamination issue in northern Indiana ignored because Pence was busy being courted by Trump.
  • More on kickbacks from charter schools, anything he’s responsible for in our “grading system” that upgraded friends’ charter schools’ grades, and how this makes Devos no surprise

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Sticking this one up front due in support of the teen/parent activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

A. Pence and Charlottesville :

There is not much more to say than Pence’s response to Trump equivocating between White Supremacist rally participants and protestors there to stand up for civil rights. When Trump said there were fine people “on both sides”, Pence’s response?

I stand with the president”

B.Complicit during Campaign, Transition, and failed vetting

Let me start this piece by clearing up one point. Pence has a long history of lying, on the record, easily verifiable. Because this is an area the media continues to offer him “resets” on, let me remind you of the debate performance, where it seemed Mike Pence had never met his candidate or attended what were then his own rallies:

Before we get into the Flynn lying issues — here is a good article on other issues where Pence is actively participating in Trump’s issues:


After EACH of which Flynn continued to get top level secure info

After Gov. Chris Christie was fired, Pence assumed responsibility as head of the transition. As part of this role, Pence was responsible for vetting of appointees. During that time:

Rep. Elijah Cummings letter DATED NOV 18 2016

Incredibly, Pence denies all knowledge of any of these notices or Flynn’s foreign interests. However, Representative Cummings kept the receipts, the transition team acknowledged this doc was received:

Verified account @OversightDems tweeted out letter received from transition

Cummings has posted additional documentation:

We DO now know that Flynn had a Department of Defense clearance ONLY, not the same as what is required for White House particularly head of national security:

What if any vetting of OTHER candidates for the administration was performed is more uncertain than ever?

The Pentagon is now investigating Flynn over payments from Russia. Flynn was specifically warned not to accept foreign money in beginning in 2014.

The Office of Government complained during the transition process that vetting was occurring too fast, paperwork wasn’t being turned in, the State Department and OGE were not being consulted as they usually are to aid in this process & provide legal advice.

The letter denying document requests from Rep. Cummings & Chaffetz was written by Marc Short. Not only is this Pence’s former Chief of Staff (2008), he’s the former president of Koch Brother’s financial “trade association’, which is how they make major grants to NRA, Americans for Prosperity, etc without having to disclose donors. In that role he was paid more than $1 million annually. Marc Short ensures the Koch group’s continued access to the Trump administration. Marc Short began his work under Oliver North funnily enough. He worked additionally on the 2016 Rubio campaign.

As far as the failed transition, we do additionally know that the hiring of some 4000 appointed positions did not occur, and has STILL in most cases not occurred. This administration seems determined to try and “wing it” rather than follow the careful advice provided. (ex.

Reading through the OGE guidance (below) on the transition process highlights many ethical issues that are still occurring by administrative officials such as the president’s daughter and son-in-law with regard to financial disclosure, conflicts of interest, supplementing government salary with outside sources, etc:

C. The Pence-Kobach election commission

C1. Crosscheck

Kobach runs the site Crosscheck, used by many Secretaries of States to screen their voter registration lists for duplicates in other states. The amoral hazard of course being whether the criteria is sufficient enough to cause false matches. Crosscheck fails strongly on that count.

Crosscheck relies on a match of only Middle, Last Name, and Birthdate (maintaining last 4 digits of social security, but not applying it in its matching).

It is in no way illegal or even problematic for people to be registered in more than one state. It’s merely an artifact of our systems having a “register” process but no associated process. It’s simply not part of the “moving” steps like register for new plates, turn in a mail forwarding card, cancel your utilities, and let your credit cards & magazine subscriptions know. Treating the presence of multiple registrations as nefarious is instead leading to VALID registrations being removed in an overcorrection.

Before a process is put in place to match votes, it should be given testing and its accuracy reported and compared against a maximum threshold plus compared to alternatives.

Please read this Rolling Stone article in full for a complete understanding:

We had Mark Swedlund, a database expert whose clients include eBay and American Express, look at the data from Georgia and Virginia, and he was shocked by Crosscheck’s “childish methodology.” He added, “God forbid your name is Garcia, of which there are 858,000 in the U.S., and your first name is Joseph or Jose. You’re probably suspected of voting in 27 states.”
This inherent bias results in an astonishing one in six Hispanics, one in seven Asian-Americans and one in nine African-Americans in Crosscheck states landing on the list. Was the program designed to target voters of color? “I’m a data guy,” Swedlund says. “I can’t tell you what the intent was. I can only tell you what the outcome is. And the outcome is discriminatory against minorities.”
— Greg Palast for Rolling Stone

C2. Pence’s rigged election claims to rally voter suppression support

Here is Pence stoking fears of a “Rigged Election” to support further vote suppression methods like intimidation at the polling place & stricter voting laws. Notice that he did note a couple of state election systems had been hacked?

ThinkProgress provided this link to CNN’s New Day

As noted Pence was doing this long before the election along with Trump.

C3. Election Commission — A case in knowing the conclusion you want before you begin an investigation

The entire election commission is led by a person with the vested interest of spreading use of his system (Kobach, also a contributor for Breitbart).

Also the commission is taking testimony from…themselves (Spakovsky is a member, and a member of the conservative thinktank Heritage Foundation). And Judicial Watch. Note that Judicial Watch is not a nonpartisan watchdog as it claims, as it ran political ads (the first of their kind I believe) for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation on the Supreme Court.

Per Rick Hasen, an election law blogger & Professor of Law and Political Science, a member of the Pence-Kobach commission told a voter turnout expert (Michael McDonald)what he wanted the conclusion to be. The expert declined. The expert is not included in the panel.

There is a letter out from Democratic lawmakers (Cummings. Brady, Conyers and Bennie Thompson) to have Kobach removed from the commission. They were also concerned that the commission documents are not being made public (their requested deadline for those was August 1).

C4. Election Commission emails

Thanks to Zoe Tillman at BuzzFeedNews:

Note — below you’ll find Pence has am email scandal too.

C5. A few notes on Crosscheck & Indiana, for the locals

Crosscheck is used in Pence’s state of Indiana by its SoS Connie Lawson, who serves on the commission.

C6. The commision was actually damning regarding our inability to detect hacking

It is suspicious that the Kobach commission never uploaded the video of their commission meeting in New Hampshire to their website. It may be because much of the testimony, from security experts including Harri Hursti, explains how we WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DETECT hacking.

We MUST have paper ballots and if there is a refusal to move away from optical scanners for tallying, there must be statistically relevant audits EVERY election.

Video of the Hursti testimony from the Kobach election commission.

D. Pence was part of the decision to fire Comey (obstruction of justice)

Update: It is now public information that there was a previous letter (co-written by Stephen Miller), and that Mike Pence was present in Oval Office meeting on May 8 regarding the original letter (which predated Rod Rosenstein’s advice). This confirms all of the data in this section implying Pence was lying on television attempting to cover up this obstruction motive.

Good summary for those short on time:

A nice video of Pence repeatedly over 7.5 minutes stating the same rehearsed lies:

Pence states repeatedly that there is no evidence of collusion between their campaign and any Russian Officials, relying on previous Clapper stmt. This is after we have ALL heard Clapper state he was not informed of the details of the FBI investigation, would NOT have known.

Full Transcript:

Clapper went further May 12 and explicitly stated he would NOT have been informed either way.

We know there to be an investigation:

..and that investigation has at this point already produced subpoenas.

FURTHER — Pence reiterated the falsehood that Trump was reacting to the recommendations of the just-hired Rosenstein. First they have contradiction accounts as to the timing of the decision:
A — Spicer recorded saying to press tuesday night May 9 that this came about due to letter received that morning. 
B — Sarah Huckabee stating at press conference May 10 that there was a meeting Monday night with Sessions (recused?), Rosenstein, and Trump where the decision was made and the supporting evidence drafted to be drawn later.

According to this NYTime article, Mike Pence was IN THE MEETING to fire Comey and part of the decision. The was fully aware that it did NOT take place as he stated on tv in response to the letter, but was premeditated with the documentation requested afterwards:

“He asked Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to draft a letter documenting Mr. Comey’s shortcomings to leave the impression that it was Mr. Rosenstein’s judgment and not his own that led to the dismissal — an idea that was reinforced by Vice President Mike Pence, who was part of the small group of advisers who planned Mr. Comey’s ouster in near secrecy.
On Thursday, Mr. Trump himself vaporized every version of the Comey story his defenders, including Mr. Pence, had labored so earnestly to put forward. “I was going to fire Comey — my decision. There is no good time to do it, by the way,” Trump told the “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt. “I was going to fire regardless of the recommendation” made by Mr. Rosenstein, he said.”

And he has now lawyered up over it:

Here is Bill Moyer’s excellent timeline:

E. PENCE AND RUSSIA, other foreign interests:

E1. Manafort & Pence

  1. Pence was a choice of Paul Manafort, including Manafort faking a plane malfunction to get Pence instead of Christie.

2. Manafort was kicked off the campaign supposedly for undue Russian influence & his involvement in SAME EXACT BEHAVIOR in Ukraine election as campaign advisor to pro-Putin candidates:

3. Manafort unofficially stayed on the campaign via Pence conversations
“I think he’s weighing in on everything,” the former official said, “I think he still talks to Trump every day. I mean, Pence? That was all Manafort. Pence is on the phone with Manafort regularly.”

4. Recent Wall Street Journal update:

E2. Family Russian Connections (brother Greg Pence is a candidate for congress)

F. Pence and Seema Verma (CMS director) destroyed Medicaid in Indiana

Many among the GOP are touting about the “Healthy Indiana” plan used in Indiana. However have discussions with Indiana social workers and you will understand what is really happening here.

Republicans have for years weaponized bureaucracy to discourage voter participation and suppress the vote. This technique has now been applied to social services with disastrous consequences.

Social workers describe many people without bank accounts being required to buy money orders every month to pay meaningless $1–10 nominal fees. There is no way in the state to pay these fees with cash. A money order costs more than the fee, and adds a hurdle. Another added hurdle — compliance requires any changes to income to be filed. For many low-income citizens, their income is unreliable and varies wildly. This may mean completely refiling monthly. Any failure in this new set of hurdles yields the individual a SIX MONTH BAN from Medicaid.

Republicans are shouting enthusiasm for this “cost savings”. In fact it is making the program’s bureaucracy cumbersome enough to cause failure, and then forgetting the effect on these people’s health and access to medication is the true cost.

Social workers must not grapple with aiding their clients through these hurdles, and deciding whether it is better to just swipe their own card for that $1–10 rather than allow a mother with HIV to go untreated (for six months, that is life or death!).

DO NOT allow this program to be mimicked nationwide!

G. Matching Trump’s dictator-like tendencies — as governor Pence tried to create his own State Run media:

What shut that down? Voice of the people (keep it up!):

Unsurprisingly Trump now done the same with a news network where the trump children and children-in-law talk about the great job daddy is doing, even hiring former CNN pundits to say all the nice words he badly needs to prop up his insecurity:

H. Christofascism incoming — Council for National Policy

The evangelical Christianity of Mike Pence is not the same faith as your grandparents growing up in a small town. You really must read and understand what this is about.

Just recently Pence publicised in this tweet May 20 2017 that he is a member of the Council for National Policy (CNP):

From the Southern Poverty Law Center, this is classified as a hate group:

Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway are part of this group (Conway is former executive director), as is Betsy Devos. An article from the Washington Post describing her Department of Education goals coming directly from this theocratic group:

Long thread with additional links:

Good article on their intentions:

More in depth discussion on Pence & evangelical relationship with authoritarians/nationalism

What does this have to do with affiliation with Russia?:

Also the Trump administration is having weekly bible study classes during work hours at the white house with Pence, Jeff Sessions, and Betsy Devos:

I. The MANY attacks of Pence on LGBTQ people

Please watch this report by the Human Rights Campaign:

I1: The Indiana “Religious Freedom Restoration” (read freedom to discriminate) act

Maddow did an entire episode on this topic:


I2: Proposed limiting all HIV resources to places offering conversion therapy

Per Snopes : When Pence was running for Congress, his campaign web site touted his call to add a stipulation to the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act, a 1990 law providing funding for HIV/AIDS treatment for patients living with the disease lacking either the income or the necessary insurance to pay for it on their own:

Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.

I3: Made it a FELONY for gay couples even applying for marriage:

Indiana’s gay marriage ban is drawing renewed national attention in the blogosphere this week because of little-known provisions in state law that potentially criminalize the matter.
The laws make it a felony for a same-sex couple even to apply for a marriage license and a misdemeanor for a clergy member to solemnize such a marriage.

I4: Supports banning gays in the military:

From this article (

In 2000, Pence said he wanted to scrap Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and replace it with a sweeping ban on gay service members, saying that he supported “bringing an end to the ‘don’t ask/don’t tell’ policy of permitting homosexuals to serve in the armed forces.” “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service because the presence of homosexuals in the ranks weakens unit cohesion,” he said.
Pence took to the House floor in 2010 to denounce the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as an attempt to use the military “as a vehicle to advance a liberal political agenda” and “break faith with our men and women in uniform,” warning that it would harm military cohesion, morale and recruitment. He also told CNN that the open service of gay members amounts to “social experimentation.”

J. Pence & the HIV Outbreak

Unwillingness to allow needle exchange, fighting Planned Parenthood funding (for testing) causes AIDS crisis in southern Indiana.

..and now he supports dismantling the only way it was slowed.

Further, Pence promoted the idea that condoms were not effective at preventing STDS

K. Pence’s Indiana muslim ban

During the campaign — August 26 2016, Mike Pence attempted his own “muslim ban” in Indiana:

INDIANAPOLIS — After a terrorist attack in Paris last year carried out in part by Islamist terrorists who masqueraded as migrants, Gov. Mike Pence directed all state agencies to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees here in Indiana.
From NPR article above, Nina Totenberg
The panel rejected Pence’s argument that terrorists are posing as Syrian refugees to gain entry into the U.S., calling it a “nightmare speculation” based on no evidence. Indeed, the court said, the state presented no evidence that any Syrian refugee had been involved in a terrorist act in the U.S.

When that failed, he participated with Trump to make this happen nationwide:

INDIANAPOLIS — When the Trump administration unveiled an executive order trying to bar Syrian refugees from coming to the United States, many who have resettled here in the American heartland felt a familiar sense of dread: Mike Pence is trying to ban us. Again.

L. Pence once used campaign money for Mortgage, Wife’s car payment, Golf tourney fees, Credit card bills, even Grocery bills

In fact this was the reason for new FEC rules.

M. Pence and brother Congressional Candidate Greg owe Indiana $9 million

N. Pence used bible quotes to argue against Katrina relief

O. Pence, like NC GOP, attempted to redefine/disempower his opponent when GOP lost

Republicans in North Carolina lost the governorship, and in reaction tried to redefine and reduce the power of that office.

This made major national news. Making less news, was when Indiana Governor Mike Pence did the same thing when his party lost the school superintendent race. This race was HUGE in Indiana, because it was a surprise win. Personally every republican teacher I knew voted for the non-GOP candidate, Glenda Ritz.

Pence’s reaction? To change the rules so that the superintendent no longer chaired the school board. Just like in North Carolina, when the voters’ voice did not match the party’s interest, they sought to overrule the voters’ choice rather than accept the outcome:

Here is more on how schools changed during Pence’s tenure:

P. Pence’s Johnson-Amendment violation project — equating Trump vote as a vote for God:

More important — full article on why this matters, when this video played & where:

Q. Pence’s history in Right Wing Radio..The Mike Pence Show

For anyone fooled by the “Pastor Pence” act, one can forage the Right Wing Radio host previous career. Pence got his start in radio after his first unsuccessful run for Congress in 1988.

The following article includes clips from “The Mike Pence Show”:

Example: On women in the military:

Another example — video Pence talking about affairs, a position he no longer apparently holds:

R. Why Hoosiers (citizens of Indiana) dislike & do not trust their former governor — an extensive list

S. Pence’s pesky emails

NOV 2016:

JAN 2017

FEB 7 2017

And it turns out the Indianapolis Star got access…he had used an AOL account for state business, and it got hacked:

As an Indiana resident I and other consituents are STILL wasting money on this ridiculousness it seems:

UPDATE 8/4/2017 emails received:

Holcomb administration is processing information requests through McNeely Stephenson law firm (former Shelby County Republican chair)

T. Pence denies evolution

U. History of dishonest claims for donors’ benefit: Smoking doesn’t kill

Mike Pence has taken a series of absurd positions in the past in op-eds over the years.


“Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.”

Fact — he has taken more than $100k in donations from tobacco companies 
source —

On climate change, Pence says CO2 from burning fuels can’t be the cause of increased global temperatures because it “is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature…” not an unnatural one. He also mixes up India and Indonesia.

V. He bears the final tie-breaking responsibility for Betsy Devos

The final vote on Betsy Devos was a tie, and Pence came over as Vice President to serve as tie-breaker rather than seeing this as insufficient support for the nominee in question. Anything Betsy Devos does to defund or disempower public schools, due to this historically unusual act, he owns. Betsy Devos is another example of an enormous dark money contributor to the GOP getting a direct pay for play appointment, much like her brother, founder of Blackwater, Eric Prince (yes this Eric Prince —

W. Wants Roe-V-Wade overturned, cast tie-breaking vote on defunding Planned Parenthood

On abortion, Pence chose moralizing over actually people’s health. Planned Parenthood will continue to exist, all that changes if people getting health coverage through gov programs can no longer choose PP for their annual pap, for getting birth control pills, for STD exams. Imagine if ..due to moralizing over alcohol…your food stamps could not be used at Meijer because they also sell beer there. That is the new relationship between patients and Planned Parenthood.

YOU WOULD THINK after seeing how such attempts in Indiana led to an AIDS crisis, he would have learned but no…he would prefer to spread this thinking across the country.

A far better suggestion? Less moralizing more support — saving the government money in the long run, and ensuring the teenagers involved better future economic success as well:

This article’s section on Pence and Abortion is thorough:

X. Illegal robocalls for Montana candidate who assaulted a journalist

Many Montana residents have reported receiving automated campaign calls from Mike Pence supporting Greg Gianforte in the race for Montana’s single congressional seat vs Rob Quist.

The reporter actually underplayed the event, claiming he was merely bodyslammed when the Fox News reporter who witnessed it states:

“At that point,” she wrote, “Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him.”
Gianforte was later cited for misdemeanor assault. The sheriff’s department said the incident did not meet the state’s statutory definition of felony assault.
Acuna and her crew “watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’”

These calls are illegal in Montana per the following:

Law Pence’s robocall violates

Y. 277 Days

There are rumors that Mike Pence might have been involved in a cover-up of a sex scandal. I’m not exactly clear on the details but here are some references.

This 277 days thing is a possibly-just-conspiracy topic that needs further research. Implies Pence & Indiana state police awareness of a sexual abuse by a local high school coach and possibly others, even see the name Dan Coats in there somehow. I look for things like this because Pence’s emails did get hacked, and we need to know what the leverage would be to get people like Dan Coats in line with someone like Trump. Search the hashtag on twitter #277Days.

Z. Some issues with taxes, bidding, and the I-69 development

AA. Pence wasted Indiana taxpayer funds on a divisive stunt

Just humorous — Pence trying to stay out of Trump’s crosshairs

Pence’s hilarious walkback that he’s running in 2020, which shows Trump’s downfall is inevitable. Pence insists he is doing no such thing despite having a campaign fund, moving his personal chief of staff Nick Ayers into the White House, and making a bit of a foreign tour to brush up his international experience:

Source on Nick Ayers:

Other opinions on Pence reelection bids (if it comes to that).


EXCELLENT background article from Rolling Stone:

OTHER PEOPLE’S LISTS similarly frustrated Hoosiers and journalists have been tracking these falsehoods/authoritarian efforts:

Shakesville blogger Melissa McEwan:

Bill Moyers:

Sara Kendzior’s fantastic summary of Pence dishonesty. Srsly buy her book!

If this election was indeed unfairly waged WITH collusion by one of the two campaigns with a foreign power…that is NOT a fair election.

Why would you award the campaign with its VP as our only recourse?

No — the results are invalid — either you award the non-disqualified winner, or you hold a special election. And the effect on down-ballot candidates is HUGE. If we do not have some recourse for this type of election malfeasance, we are an inferior democracy if we are a democracy at all any longer. Constitutional crisis this is, and courts must intervene as only remaining branch on its nonpartisan legs. This DOES NOT INCLUDE Sessions or any newly appointed justice immediately grateful to Trump for his new position, as Sessions was a part of the campaign in question.

Please comment with further items, if this is not “all” one needs to know.