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Change is never easy. Especially when the change required necessitates a total refresh of a company’s digital architecture in order to deliver the necessary results. When a leading Canadian financial institution challenged Architech to roll out a new web architecture that would provide a unique customer experience to a diverse set of clients, the gauntlet was thrown down.

The challenge: To develop a solution that could service an enterprise Global Wealth Management group that spans a number of diverse regions, enabling different content, languages, and features for dozens of markets, all while maintaining a unified and user-friendly interface.

The solution: Upon dotCMS’s recommendation, the leading financial institution reached out to Architech to build out the right solution. Architech recommended using Microsoft Azure for Cloud migration and dotCMS for content management.

Azure is Microsoft’s open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform created to build, deploy, and manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres.

dotCMS is a Java-based, open source, web content management platform that provides companies with the ability to quickly develop any type of content-driven web application.

Using these technologies, we were able to build hybrid applications quickly and seamlessly — effectively implementing dotCMS on the Azure platform.

Thanks to Azure’s reputation for ‘security built from the ground up’, Azure provided this top financial institution with the best possible assurance process — tailor made for the financial industry. With the back-end development work already done in Azure, Architech was able to deploy the solution much faster than if the infrastructure was developed from scratch.

Embracing open source technology, using dotCMS provided the opportunity to work in an innovative and collaborative space at an enterprise level.

The results: In the first 3 months following deployment, the new Global Wealth Management site received more than 500,000 hits. Even better, new business is consistently secured through the new “Get Matched With an Advisor” feature on the system, which connects customers with advisors based on their unique mix of capital and assets, and their specific interests and concerns about their investments.

In February 2016, industry analysts reported that this top financial Institution’s Wealth Management solution had edged out Goldman Sachs as North America’s fifth largest bank, based on assets. It has been adding to its market share at a rate of 1% per year for the past five years, and has an aggressive growth strategy that the new platform will help support.

What’s next? From its position in the top five, this leading financial institution is now poised to grow their business even further, building on the new architecture to customize their web offerings for additional markets, in different languages. At the same time, Architech, dotCMS and Microsoft are well positioned for the next opportunity to showcase the powerful match of dotCMS’ platform, the flexibility, scalability and reach of Azure, and Architech’s capacity to help clients solve their complex problems.

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