The day I applied to architecture school! I remember entering the building to take the admission exams and there on the wall I read: “archi-Te’tir” or “architorture”, but I had no idea what torture they were talking about. However, I wasn’t accepted to study architecture; I later joined the Art and Design School to study Interior Design and after my studies in Humanities and Literature. Though I was influenced by other academic fields and having friends from different faculties such as engineering, sciences, education, and business, I’ve never seen the life of architecture and design students like I do today…


On Saturday morning, March 23rd, the two co-founders of Platau, Sandra Frem and Boulous Douaihy, were guests of the 4th edition of Breakfast with an Architect. The name of their practice ‘Platau’ stands for ‘platform for architecture and urbanism’. The two guests are part of a team of four, along with Romeo Chahine and Samir Bitar.

Along the sound of spoons and plates jingling and surrounded by the comfort of Gemmayze’s ‘Aaliya’s Books’, the two were interviewed by Elie Salameh, one of Architects for Change’s team leaders. The gathering started with asking the typical question: how did you start your…


We are heading to Akoura, a picturesque Lebanese village located in the Jbeil district. Akoura is known for the abundance of its churches, more than 40 historic churches in one village, in addition to its natural beauty.

Discover Akoura from a local perspective, tour the town, visit its churches, embrace its nature, and enjoy local food with a view towards Ibrahim river.

Sunday, June 23, 2019
Meeting point: 8:00 AM — Dunkin Donuts, Martyrs’ Square, Downtown Beirut

Fees: 30,000 LBP
to be paid on the day of the trip — covers transportation, entrance fees, and organizational fees.


Today, Lebanon is facing an extreme waste crisis, with a production of more than 2 million tons of municipal solid waste per year. Unfortunately, the majority of it ends up in landfills including valuable materials that could be recycled. One of the first steps towards solving this issue starts with us as individuals.

“The World Embraces Notre Dame.”

Figure 1: Quasimodo embracing the Notre Dame Cathedral, Drawing by Cristina Correa Freile.

On Monday, 15 April 2019, the sound of the fire alarm in the Notre Dame Cathedral broke out as millions around Paris and the world watched their beloved Lady catch fire.

This cathedral of 856 years that once withstood the French Revolution was no match for the engulfing flames, leading to the loss of its roof, spire, and iconic stained windows but leaving its main structure and two bell towers intact.

Humanity and inhumanity, an existential paradox that reveals itself within the formation of each being and is reflected in every interaction and link created throughout their life between themselves and every different, delicate and outnumbered “other”.

Instead of discovering and accepting the other, we tend to ignore even the existence of another. The inhumane, contemporary man is frantic about every socially inclusive approach in the formation of our societies, glamorizing many urban and architectural images pushing towards a standard, mechanical, hypnotized and artificial city.

What makes the inhumane humane, the uninhabitable inhabitable, and the city a space that reflects directly…

Architects for Change

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