What’s in a story?

How to tell a story where a brand isn't the only thing you have to say.

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Articulating a consistent story will ensure everyone at a brand gives out the same message.


Modern architectural practices no longer have vast libraries. Their place of work needs to be as efficient as the places they are building. At the same time, like many adults they are experienced using the web — E.g. purchasing, booking holidays. Their work will converge with the practices they are used to doing in their own time.

What if?

Architects could work just in time. There when you need them, every time, just like the products they provide.


The online sample world is still emerging, what happens if we offer this just in time approach? How can we grab attention of fresh non tied in customers.


What to do with the data once we have it, how to get it out there, and stakeholder buy in of content, standing out.

The Big one

Delivering the promise.

The new world

Architects will be aware of the services offered. No more reference to the 450x450mm tiles they’ve always used. Easy to find technical, download, get a sample and get onto the specification. Added value services and knowledge will be the icing on the cake to secure the reference in commercial tiles.

What else needs delivered?

In the 2010 book Content Rules “If you can deliver content that your prospects find interesting and informative and entertaining, they’ll see you as a trusted source of information — an adviser” (Handley & Chapman 2010).

Using content to build trust by helping customers make decisions (the crux of the content strategy) based on what they need rather than what you want to sell and become a trusted advisor in the long term, not just on a one to one basis but as an authority in the market.

How to get the message across?

- Interview experts: and write about it

- Interview customers: how people like “me” are approaching the same challenges and benefiting from the new world

- Customers customer — insight on timely issues and get plenty of frank quotes about how the new world is benefiting them

- Research — qualitative interviews

- Web survey — turn into blog post and press release for amplification.

- A guide workbook to help customers do their job

- Case studies

View more at https://architecttiles.wordpress.com/messaging-framework/
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