My Four Words for 2016
John T. Meyer

Thank you for an amazing post John! Inspired be your post, I decided to write down my four words for 2016. They are:

Patience — I like to pursue ambitious goals(don’t we all?). Be it getting fit or working on that one challenging idea, they all take time. Having patience is very necessary in such cases.

Authentic — I borrowed this one from your post. Authenticity is really a rare quality. So, this year instead of pleasing others I’ll be authentic. I’ll speak my mind.

Persevere — This is most common quality among all the successful people. If you pick up the biography of any successful person, they all persevered. They never gave up. They believed in their vision when every one else laughed them off.

Yes — In the past, I have said no to many opportunities that came my way. Reason — I was afraid to try out the new, I was scared what the outcome was going to be. In short, I was afraid to change anything. So, this year I have decided that I am going to say yes more often. Instead of resisting change I’ll put my arms around it and say, “Yee Haw, take me for a ride!” and I’ll see where it takes me. 
(Not to be confused with saying yes to people).

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