How to be a better Product Manager!

Well, honestly, I do not know. We all have our prophecies of doing things right. Better communication or better documentation. Better analysis or better evangelisation. Better thinking or better feeling (empathy).

However, I do know of one small a thing that will make one a better product manager; to be a better human being.

Now of course, we all need to be better human beings (unless you are batman, which is a mammal, but not a human, so!), but how does this specifically help in product management.

“Respect” others’ work. Every line of code written by a Dev or a pixel moved by a designer is an effort and has a cost to it. Appreciate their efforts and ensure they don’t go waste.

“Co-operate” with those involved in development process. The definition of perfect in our head might be very different from what might come out in MVP. Understand and be congenial on negotiations.

“Share” the credit and take the blame. The last developer in the chain might not hear the pat on the back. Go give it to him yourself. And when everyone is pointing fingers to the 3–4 misses there might be. Be the big man and accept and create a plan to fix.

Im learning like you too. So let’s try to be better, in the truest sense.