I write because…

I could have been a sniper or a chef. I didn’t, given my limitations : The weapon would have been heavier for me to carry it and I would eaten the dough straight from the bowl. I graduated to write codes, but then I decided to write for life.

As a child; I wanted to dig up buried empires on summer holidays, swim with the sharks during monsoons and become an Arctic explorer in the winter. Looking back there was one career that I had fantasized about, a lot, that of a librarian. Yes. I would day dream, how magical it would be to spend your whole day reading books. But these stories from books inspired me to get out of the library, not live in it.

There is this one vague memory of wanting to write: My attempts to write on a piece of cloth with an ink dipped feather tip for a pen, after watching an Victorian inspired movie. I had no clue back then that in the future, I would not just take a tour but change my location to a place of no return. I would cross over to the dark side. I would fall in love with writing. Slowly and steadily.

Well, if you are wondering when did that ‘ah, I want to be a writer’ moment happen to me?

It was quite original. After the decision to leave my software engineer life behind, i devoted a good year to wasting time and then juggled a few jobs. It was then I decided, I was not much good with anything other than writing.

It took me a while to actually realize that writing made me happy. Truly. Madly happy. Also, that it is intoxicating. The power the words give you. They are free, yet you have to earn them.

Now, It gives me the strength to embrace the complex person that I am. Who would have otherwise been hidden forever. Yes, it is soul-satisfying, yet at times excruciating. To write in a language not a part of my heritage, and trying to be good at it. That’s what I do on a daily basis. And I absolutely agree that I am no Shakespeare. I don’t want to be, I can’t be.

I write for a living and I write for the love of life. I write to find a voice. My voice, to discover myself. I want to write for myself and for the rest of the world, to inspire and to be inspired. Writing makes me alive. Therefore, I write.

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Originally published at queenofquirksblog.wordpress.com on January 14, 2016.