Startup best practices worth learning from honeybee

Honeybee offers an excellent learning curve. They are hard working social insects with immense survival power. Whether it requires to survive in a volatile environment or safeguarding the bee colony with uppermost sacrifices — honeybees do, know, and enjoy it all! They have some of the life’s excellent lessons for entrepreneurs too! With this article, we are covering some of those awesome learning -

Teamwork — There is a queen who ensures the colony always remains very populated, a drone who dies eventually because he cannot do anything beyond mating and there are workers who sustain the success of the colony by working very hard. No less than 20000–60000 bees work together to develop a colony. Studies say that if older bees cannot work as hard as the younger ones, the latter than makes it up by working over time. They do not work individually. Rather, they work as a team or as an organism to earn the success of their colony.

Develop something extraordinary — only honeybees can produce Honey. It is the only food that has everything it requires to sustain life — be it enzymes, minerals, water and vitamins! Their power to develop an extraordinary thing separates them from the rest. They are prized, valued and differentiated because of their unique creation. No other insect is as much valued and as far as my guess goes, rewarded as honeybees.

Choosy in decision — A honeybee never compromises on the type of flower it needs to create honey. It is not in its DNA to choose the second best flower. It is very much choosy and decisive about picking only the best flower to produce only the upper most quality honey.

Extremely hard working — Busy as a bee is a phrase, which is often misused. If you really are as busy as a bee, you must be extremely productive as well. Did you know a beehive might have as many as 60,000 bees, which collectively travel 55,000 miles to gather nectar from two million plants? Honeybees are so hard working that they set examples for us to follow. If new entrepreneurs were ever as much productive as bees, not a single startup would have failed.

Focus is the goal — The core aim of bees is to ensure that their colony always remains populated, and flourished. They always want to stay ahead of the edge, by dedicating their valued time in organizing their effort. Led by queen bee, they take their purpose in hive seriously.

These are some of the greatest lessons honeybees teach us. If you are an entrepreneur and thinking that life has been real hard for some time now because of the lack of fund or volatile market or anything else; it’s time you take honeybees carefully. They are great teachers for entrepreneurs and always offer us so many learning curves.

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