Welding Colleges

At Arclabs Houston courses offer students the skills to enter the welding workforce at an entry position. The demand for welders in the industry is dramatically increasing especially in the fields of pipe welding, TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas).

The goal at Arclabs Houston is to prepare students to enter the working world of welding. Our classes are mostly hands-on and with little time in the classroom. We provide the same experience as a traditional college but with less classroom studies and courses, Arclabs Houston focus on getting you setup to weld and understand all the aspects that come with welding. Students will learn about proper welding equipment setup, techniques, torching, safety procedures, fundamentals along with metal process to develop critical skills that will be valuable once students graduate and go into the working world.

Unlike a regular college, the staff at Arclabs Houston are experts in the welding industry who primarily focus on helping students achieve their goals of becoming a professional welder. We offer flexible scheduling, assistance if you need help with financial aid and career placement services to guide you on finding the best job for you after graduation.

Why Arclabs Houston is the best choice for preparation in the welding field:

  • Day and evening classes to accommodate your schedule
  • Staff and faculty who only care about the success for students
  • Finacial aid and scholarship opportunities for students who are in need
  • Hands on training with minimum classroom time
  • Shorter timeframe for completing welding programs
  • Career placement services for graduating students
  • Industry connections to welding companies across Houston and surrounding areas
  • Committed to making sure students have the training, knowledge, skills, attitude to enter the welding industry

If you’re ready to start your path towards a success career in the welding industry, schedule an up appointment today at Arclabs Houston. Discover more about our welding college classes and talk to our staff about job opportunities after graduation. Arclabs Houston has the proven staff of instructors and advisors who are here to help you from the start to the finish.


Arclabs Houston

4500 S Pinemont Dr
Houston, TX 77041

(281) 501–8594


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