This is the project where we are going to build an interface to communicate with the users, I could do this very easily with a console application, but I wanted to make it better than that, I wanted to show that ML.Net can be used for the real applications very easily.

You can download the source code from here.

So lets start to build our “Interface” project.

Let’s add new project to the our solution, please select “Windows Forms App” as below, and click “Next”.

In the previous article, we finished the first part of our example project, now we have SentimentAnalyst class which we can use for training data and making a prediction by passing real data to it.

Before starting Trainer Project, I want to talk a bit about the data which we are going to use for training and for testing. This dataset downloaded from kaggle.

You can download to dataset from this link.

You can download the source code from here.

Below you can see the details of the dataset, it is a .csv …

The super strong wind of the Machine Learning is turning our heads incredibly, we see an example of the machine learning usage almost every area of the technology. Face detection, voice recognition, text recognition, etc. there are plenty of them, and each of them has a different type of approach to machine learning.

Here explanation of the sentiment analysis from Wikipedia.

“ Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining or emotion AI) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states and subjective information. Sentiment analysis…

ML .NET is the new framework which is developed by the Microsoft and released May 6th,2019 for .Net ecosystem. It allows developers to create custom ML models using C# or F# without having to leave the .NET ecosystem. It is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework which is designed as an extensible platform to consume other popular ML frameworks like Tensor-Flow, ONNX, Infer.NET, and more).

ML .NET also brings a simple UI tool which is called “Model Builder” and CLI to make easier to build custom ML Models, at the same time.

ML.NET framework used by many Microsoft…

Ali Gulum

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