Another winner of the Arcona’s contest!

We are happy to announce another winner of the Arcona’s contest! The desirable plot of Digital Land at Piazza Venezia goes to Mihail Zotov.

Arcona is not some blockchain-based project…I think it’s the future”, says Mihail, “I’ve personally been impressed by the idea of combining digital reality and real world on the basis of the blockchain tech. Supporting the project implementation we force the future to come and we will be the lucky ones to witness it. I’d like to share with you — I took part in the Arcona’s contest and won a plot of the Digital Land — right in the center of Rome — at Piazza Venezia. I’m happy!

What I’m going to do with this land? — you might ask. I will answer: as the owner of the Digital Land in one of the most visited place in the world, I’m going to bet on touristic traffic from all over the world to earn. I’m thinking over all the details at the moment”.

The next lot for the Arcona’s raffle is the plot of the Digital Land right by Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame, which is a medieval Catholic cathedral situated on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris and actually the whole country. It is marked by the sign of zero kilometer on the bronze plate with the star oriented according to the corners of the Earth.

Since the XVIII century in France, it is a custom to calculate the distance to any city not from the borders of the capital, but from its “heart”, from the most majestic Cathedral of the city. Notre-Dame is also the first Gothic Cathedral in Paris, and in its Treasury, where one of the greatest Christian relics is stored — Jesus Christ’s Crown of Thorns.

The square in front of the cathedral is always crowded with people. Some of them come here to worship the shrines, and others — to see with their own eyes the Cathedral, poetized by the great Victor Hugo. Fans of ancient artifacts can visit here an underground crypt, which contains amazing archaeological finds discovered on the island of Cité. It is estimated that every year only the Notre Dame Cathedral is visited by more than 14 million people!

Ranking among the top three most popular cities of the globe and having more than 16 million of guests Paris is definitely a city where it’s very profitable to have an asset! And this is exactly what we will present to our next winner — the plot of Digital Land and no less than in front of the Notre-Dame!

The rules are same awfully simple as usual!

1) Sign to the Arcona WhiteList HERE;

2) Share this text;

3) Add a couple of lines about why you will be the best owner of the plot Notre-Dame de Parisin Ueno park and don’t forget the hashtag #ArconaDigitalLandOwner

By the end of the week we will check:

- if all the conditions have been met by the participants;

- how creative you have been in your wishes.

Shall you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us out on TG.