Arcona ICO starts on April 15

We are excited to get the countdown started and let the world know! The Arcona’s ICO is scheduled for the 15th of April. We are concluding the preparations of the procedures and mechanisms updated. As we announced earlier, we took into account our community’s feedback and are working on BTC to be accepted during our ICO. Also we are increasing the accuracy of a fractional part of our token, the number of digits after the decimal point gets up to 18. This provides better flexibility and serviceability of arcona token numerous transactions within the system at high cryptocurrencies volatility conditions. Corresponding adjustments in the current Smart-contract are being made.

In the meantime every buyer registered on our website up to April 14 will get a 50% bonus regardless the sum of purchase on the hot WhiteList sale which correspondingly will occur on the 14th of April. This long-awaited day also will be marked with an unprecedented raffle of the valuable digital assets — it will the time for our super prizes drawing for 24 plots (one per each hour) of Digital Land in the city centers of the most expensive megapolises.

Starting April 15 and during first 15 days everyone will get 25% bonus to the initial purchase, after that the size of the bonus will be decreasing from 25% to 1%. The raffle of the Digital Land will keep on going, but every day there are going to be 3 winners among all the new buyers of tokens, they will become the owners of precious digital assets.

The future is coming, don’t accidentally miss being a part of it with Arcona.

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