Arcona is the most massive AR ICO

There is quite a frequent confusion in general understanding and use of the terms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, at least when it comes to the Arcona project perception. To make it clearer “to whom it may concern” we would love to provide some insight.

So, Augmented Reality (AR) kind of adjusts real environment by adding graphics, sounds, haptic components and sometimes even smells to the natural world as it exists. Those augmenting elements are mostly quite apparent nowadays, but it’s just a matter of time, obviously very short one, when the differentiation and lines between real visual parts and computer generated details become totally imperceptible.

As for Virtual Reality, it gives the user a lasting feeling of being inside of some computerized imaginary world. Complete immersion is achieved by means of a headset and is nearly as real as being surrounded by habitual sets because of the world moving with the user.

Now when the basis is clear, we are getting back to the Arcona ecosystem which is a remote positioning and content management system for Augmented Reality. It gives an opportunity to embed the users’ installations remotely in any location on the planet allowing to build entire worlds integrated into the real environment.

Our business model is based on the promotion and development of new technologies in the field of Augmented Reality for real life projects that include advertising, construction, landscaping and tourism. The technologies are based on building 3D landscape models via high resolution geospatial data, machine learning algorithms, the blockchain and smart contracts. 
In a few weeks Arcona ICO starts which is an amazing opportunity for everyone to participate in building the biggest community uniting the creative people, businessmen and developers.

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