Arcona’s ICO is live!

Last weekend was marked by long-awaited start of token sale. Now tokens of the innovative blockchain based ecosystem for remote positioning and managing of AR content are available for everyone.

Arcona token is the basis of system’s economy and its single internal currency. It opens access not only to digital land trading, but also to all functions and services within the Arcona Ecosystem: 3D content trading, creation and presentation of AR projects, and most importantly — the opportunity to participate in the development of the Ecosystem itself and become the owner of the new Digital Land.

The Digital Land is a layer of augmented reality generated automatically all over the world being a global replication of the whole Earth surface.

The most valuable plots — more than a hundred of them — are being raffled off among the token buyers during all the ICO period. On the first day we raffled 6 plots of the Digital Land in Paris, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, Rome, New York.

Let us present a feedback from a couple of happy winners!

The first digital asset to draw went to a Canadian resident Mathieu who won a plot by Notre Dame de Paris. He reacted immediately, “Thank you firstly, I am very happy to take part in such a very interesting AR ecosystem with such artistic, media-savvy, and global scopes. I liked what I saw a lot, and as far as investing: not just in cryptocurrency or Blockchain but also what I considered future, I like to put my support behind things that put humanity in a progressive and evolutionary light.

I am beyond thrilled at winning such a Divine plot by Notre Dame in Paris France. Ha-ha, I actually set my alarm so that barely 4 hours of sleep in, I woke up with my computer on standby at the very start of the ICO sale, then went back to bed. I’m also Roman Catholic by faith as my mom is, who’s even more so; so, this seems to have much significance for this weekend!”

Another participant nicknamed Vasa from Russia has become the owner of the Digital Land in Istanbul right in front of Sultan Ahmed Mosque. «I was in Istanbul this January with my daughters for the first time. So, the impressions on the city are quite fresh. When I got to know about the Arcona project, it hit me! in the Turkish capital we lacked a lot exactly what the guys work on. Beautiful city, but having some interactive entertainment, guidance, games, historical reenactment of the events and buildings… That would be just awesome and our experience even more memorable. We would definitely have gone for that and spent quite a lot of money. It’s a gold mine, I’m telling you, especially counting all of those crowds of tourists there. I’m very glad to win such an asset! I do think the Arcona ecosystem brings the future. I support the project and am happy to be a part of it! Now I’m thinking about how to monetize my daughters talents with the help of this acquisition. For instance, I could digitize my girls singing, place their digital copies in front of the mosque and promote their live concerts with context advertising, so everyone passing by could donate tokens or buy their digital show for own AR projects”, says our winner.

We congratulate all the participants and wish everybody a good luck.

Every day till the 15th of May we will be raffling 4 desirable plots of the Digital Land. Don’t you miss a chance to get a valuable asset. Learn more details here.

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