How VR and AR technologies are helping to solve problems with transferring skills to Millennials

As we all know, every generation has its own features. Today more and more companies are facing new challenge — how to work with millennials, a generation of 00’th with a very different view on life and work. Not only the whole working process is changing due to their inability to focus on boring paper work, but the exchanging of the experience between generations can be a problem, too. Traditionally, process of transferring skills from retirees to new employees looks more like a classroom training process, but it’s not suitable for millennials, who don’t want to spend their time on something that they don’t need right now. Instead, they tend to learn in progress. But this approach has its own substantial weaknesses, like time loss. Therefore, the main task is to find the way not only to save huge amount of knowledge, that has been acquired by previous generations, but also transfer it to millennials in the most efficient way. And that’s the time for new technologies to step up and shine.

The multinational engineering, industrial and aerospace conglomerate Honeywell was one of the first companies, who started to use virtual reality and augmented reality training tools. Their bold attempt to solve the experience of exchanging problem is based on a great compromise between classical working practice and new values: saving all data and making it available at any time in a form of an AR layer. This way the retirees can record precisely their working processes and new employees are getting access to it as soon as they start their new role as information overlaid onto what they are seeing.

The program has already shown great results — for example, it has already reduced maintenance costs of the offshore platforms by up to 50%. VR and AR technologies are increasing safety and efficiency of many working trainings, withal reducing time and efforts.

Clearly, considering worldwide technological tendencies towards transferring all data and processes to the virtual space, VR and AR are the key tools to successfully overcome challenges of our time.