Last year was the most profitable for the game industry — market size exceeded $100 billion and mobile applications took more than a half. So gaming is no longer just an entertainment, it is a serious business with a huge cash-flow and army of loyal users surpassing 2 billion people around the world. And the augmented reality is considered to be the most remarkable mobile gaming trend of the past year.

The trendsetters — companies like Niantic and Nintendo — are working hard on the new games being accompanied by dozens of studios with their own vision and stories.

It’s time to create a global playing field for fans of AR. This is precisely what the ecosystem of Arcona is being engaged in, generating the universal layer of augmented reality. In the Digital Lands each developer will be able to easily place the game anywhere in the world. Special SDK and content store significantly lowers the threshold of entry into the market of augmented reality, while the blockchain technology ensures copyright protection and earnings transparency.

Share your ideas on the AR games for Arcona! Your project might become the best game of the new world!

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