Stylish look to the future

Back in 2013 Google issued a revolutionary product leading the market in the introduction of a new generation of technics. Yes, we talk about those very smart glasses by Google, the Explore Edition of which was quite a lot ahead of its time and drew maximum attention. However, the outstanding glasses didn’t make the way to the customer and left the market actually not having swept the board.

If following the tech news, you might have seen that it was nothing like failure, because a newer version — Enterprise edition — has excelled in the corporate usage field. This hands-free device is absolutely useful for hands-on workers as it removes distractions and helps to focus on what’s really important being a compact tool with simple controls and lots of capabilities, moreover it has a more powerful processor, better wi-fi module and longer battery life.

The deviсe has been modified a lot but mostly not in terms of the appearance, and even though some people consider it to look quite dorky it was the first pretty light and nearly elegant version of smart glasses, very noticeable though.

How the things are with more elegant models on the market at the moment?

We have come across at least two noteworthy products!

Have you already heard about pretty incredible Vaunt glasses being designed by Intel? This device has nothing usual for smart glasses: no cameras, no buttons, no gesture area to swipe, no glowing LCD screen, no touch-pad, no speaker or microphone, basically no nothing apart from a tiny projector focuses the image on a retina. So, when wearing them, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen. All the electronics is built in the temples of the glasses rationally enough to leave them bendable. The weight of this device is lighter than 50 grams and visually it doesn’t really differ from regular glasses! Stylish and convenient hi-tech device which doesn’t remind anyone of the future coming too fast. Isn’t that a dream?

By far there is no exact date set when Intel hit the market but most likely within a year.

There is another example of smart meeting style. We’d love to be the first to tell you about Vue Smart glasses if you are not yet aware. It is “the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use”. Basically, choosing Vue the user will be able to order whichever lenses. It is offered in prescription, plano, and sunglasses. Its frames come with integrated technology, meaning the glasses will be able to do more than meets the eye. That’s what the producer says about the device. In fact Vue has no display being more of bone conduction headphones which is “packed” in the glasses frame to be synchronized with a smartphone and sending audio notifications. Vue is conducted by touch-gestures and built-in interface. This model is available for pre-order at the moment.

A curious gadget has been presented by Bose — a major manufacturer of audio equipment. The novelty looks like normal sunglasses, the user-device interaction occurs by means of sound. Thus looking at any object through the AR-glasses by Bose, a person will receive information about it in audio format.

Not so long ago, the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom and the famous optics manufacturer Zeiss announced their cooperation in creating smart glasses for permanent wearing. To do this, they open a joint venture Tooz Technologies. Presented concept images of their AR device named also resembles ordinary glasses with a slightly weighted handles — probably that’s where the developers plan to put the electronics.

Even this far from complete review devoted to just pretty stylish devices for everyday use shows how severe the competition among the creators of augmented reality glasses is. The more Impressive is the volume of investments — billions of dollars spent by that companies on the tech development. And all this is the best guarantee that affordable and meeting consumer expectations gadget will be released in the next couple of years.

Even being far from tech progress would you ever mind a stylish, matching your everyday outfit, easy to operate device that will bring new life layers with no dislocation from reality? There is even a range of pretty tempting devices to choose from!

For the Arcona global blockchain ecosystem of augmented reality the tendency is prominent as it offers new opportunities for further development and wider platform usage, so we are looking forward to seeing all the devices of this kind to hit the market and become widespread and habitual.