The Arcona team started this week in Hong Kong, where the International Asian Financial Forum gathered more than three thousand top-managers of the most reputable companies from 50 countries. For us this occasion has been marked by dozens of productive meetings and successful negotiations. This resulted in the idea of global ecosystem of augmented reality had a lasting impression on the community and brought many new admirers and potential partners. Among them there is a Chinese company Dragon Creative that produce incredible smart glasses MAD Gaze of Vader. This device is a real miniature computer with a holographic interface. We tested the glasses: they are ideal for working with AR, and our Digital Land is exactly what lots of its customers need.

Numerous big corporations and investment funds have put their faith in the future of the Arcona project. We’ve found support from such companies as NestVentures, Vestel Electronics and PWC, as well as exchanges Gatecoin and Okcoin.

More over the AFF site is a great place for active debates and finding a common ground for companies working in various fields of business. For instance the educational company NYXB has already got to know how to implement the Digital Land of Arcona into their training courses. The representatives of the Government entities of Hong Kong have seen all the advantages of augmented reality in the field of formation of the smart cities.

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