The blockchain-based ecosystem of Arcona is concluding the pre-ICO on the 24th of February

During the pre-sale period almost 3.5 million tokens (which is more than 3 thousand ETH) been sold.

This means that the very idea of creating a universal AR layer all over the planet has gathered many loyal devotees. At the moment Arcona comprises thousands of people and tens of companies ready to explore and master the new Digital Land, building the new fantastic world of mixed reality all together.

Larrot Desarrollos Inmobiliarios has become our strategic partner in real estate. When it comes to personal arconers’ advertising projects launch the high-profile specialists of Advir — a platform for AR / VR apps content monetization — will be assisting.

At the moment there are exclusive collaboration arrangements with world leading cryptoexchanges Gatecoin and Yobit in force. The Bancor network supports the arcona token liquidity.

While pre-ICO the Arcona developers published several updates of the ArconaCore — a core of our innovative platform for the new Digital Land creation. Our program library already demonstrates the highest degree of accuracy and stability of interactive outdoor content positioning. This offers extraordinary prospects for quite a quick building of the augmented reality layer and our tokenholders’ commercial and entertaining content placement.

At the moment the Arcona team is concentrated on technical preparation for the main phase of token sale — ICO scheduled in second quarter of 2018. On having analyzed market situation for last three months, we decided to amend the conditions of arcona token sale. This surely will be even more interesting for the arconers.

During the following month there will be an attractive bonus for the customers, besides that every customer will take part in an unprecedented raffle. Every day the most active customer will be able to become the owner of the new digital asset — a plot of land in the center of the ten biggest megacities.

Moreover just till February 24 we set an incredible promo rules! Due to high volatility of ETH exchange rate many of our customers could not get promised bonuses, so we decided to make a present to all our friends and offer 55,5% bonus to all the token purchases. For those who is registered but hasn’t had a chance to buy tokens we are also offering bonus of 55,5% if the purchase is made before pre-ICO ends — regardless the sum.

Apart from bonus program we are getting some other novelties ready. First, taking into account our community’s feedback, during ICO BTC will be accepted. Second, we are increasing the accuracy of a fractional part of our token, the number of digits after the decimal point gets up to 18. This will provide better flexibility and serviceability of arcona token numerous transactions within the system at high cryptocurrencies volatility conditions. At the moment corresponding adjustments in the current Smart-contract are being made. All of them will be presented on GitHub.

In the meantime we remind you of special conditions and promo actions which will be available till the very ICO start for all the members of the Arcona WhiteList. Don’t miss the project news, follow us on our web-site and on TG.