The country of rising crypto-sun

Arcona raffles off the plots of the Digital Land land starting with one of the most populated and visited cities on the planet — Tokyo.

Let’s have a look at what is going on in Japan in terms of digital assets in general and digital currencies in particular.

Actually, Japan has something to look at. It obviously plans to become the Bitcoin capital of the world as this Asian country continues to welcome cryptocurrency investment despite several massive hacking attacks one of which even been described as the biggest digital currency theft in history.

While their neighbors China and South Korea are notorious for turning the screws on the use of digital money, Japan tends to capture the leadership and be the first state to widely and — what is most remarkable — absolutely legally use cryptocurrencies all over.

The Tokyo Government is hoping to benefit from the growth in interest for cryptocurrencies as their opportunity to improve the Japanese economy which has suffered a lot from decades of stagnation since the start of the 1990s, dealing with a massive national debt and with the problems of a shrinking population and tax base.

Takashi Shiono, an economist at Credit Suisse in Tokyo considers cryptocurrencies extremely prominent and says: “We’ll likely see stronger regulations, but not a ban”.

Thus, there are many ongoing processes that try to make crypto investing in Japan even more appealing.

For instance, the leaders of the cryptocurrency industry are going to establish a self-regulating organization to develop safety standards for investors and regulate the initial placement of coins.

It will include 16 licensed crypto-exchanges and will start functioning this year in mid-April. If the Japanese government approves the organization’s work, it will be able to prohibit exchange operators from listing certain digital currencies and tokens, when there is a threat of money-laundering.

All this, along with the real estate prices growth related to many factors including Tokyo’s successful bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, makes the Japanese capital be one of the most attractive locations for investing in “digital estate”.

Arcona offers a chance to its tokenholders to become a landowner, moreover this week one can get the plot of the Digital Land in the most exciting areas for free!

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