The key of a new digital world!

Imagine that our planet has another dimension, a Digital Land, where you can find amazing games and stories, shops, cinemas, museums and many other interesting things. You can access this secret dimension in any city, worldwide, although for this you will need a special key, just like in the old computer game “Mario”.

You will not be alone and soon you’ll meet other travelers who, just like you, found the entrance to this secret new world. Gradually, guests and hosts, all together, will fill this world with the most incredible creations. There will be even travel agencies that will send customers to the magical attractions, with a special express, as in Hogwarts (Harry Potter).

So, who is giving out the keys to the hidden Digital land? Arcona Ecosystem is making it possible. Arcona project is here to cover our real world with a layer of augmented reality, where all those fantastic interactive projects will be located. To be able to develop and interact on a new layer of reality isn’t magic, but advanced technologies, such as the AR itself, computer vision, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

And the key is the arcona token — an internal currency of the system. With its help you can buy yourself a piece of new land — large or small — to settle it to your taste and invite some guests to appreciate all your creative experiments. It can be local people and tourists, potential buyers and future students. With each new project Digital Land will become more and more popular, interesting and useful place to share and interact with.

The first digital territories will appear by the end of next year in the largest and most beautiful megacities of the world. They attract millions of curious tourists. Just think about what spaces for inspiration opens the gothic quarter of Barcelona or the City district in London, the historic center of Mexico or Paris, the Palace Square of St. Petersburg or the Forbidden City in Beijing …

The amazingness of Arcona will be appreciated by users of any smartphones, tablets and, in the long term, glasses and lenses of augmented reality. Digital landowners will think up their own ways to entertain guests, which means that the content will be much more diverse than the points on the map, which turn into angular Pokémon if you are lucky enough to get to them.

Ultimately, Arcona will cover 12% of the entire inhabited surface of our, and this is almost 18 trillion square meters. This huge digital world will belong to all participants of the ecosystem — spectators and businessmen, developers and artists. And thanks to the interconnection of the chain of blocks of the blockchain transactions, all the rights of the landowners, the copyright of the initiators of the projects and the intellectual property of the developers of the technologies will be reliably protected.

All owner of Arcona token will become a pioneer of the new Digital. In March 2018, these Arcona tokenholders will be able to compete, in closed digital land auctions, for the most top-end plots. Starting price is minimal: 1 square. m. = 1 token.

Arcona marketplace will be launched, so you could use your arcona tokens to purchase 3D content with animation and other interactive features to decorate/improve your plots, hire developers and project designers, if a very complex scenario is being conceived. The most technically savvy users will use the marketplace to sell their own 3D objects and software.

Arcona tokens public sale is scheduled for November 27, 2017 as part of the Christmas presale. Many great bonuses, contests and loyalty programs are awaiting you!

Discover, join, spread the word!

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