The sky is the limit: getting quests out of the box with Arcona

Last few years have been the golden years of quests. After games like “escape the room” overtook market of mobile apps, real-life quests quickly became one of the most popular activities. And just like every other highly-competitive market it soon started to evolve into something much bigger and complex, than first real-life escape the room. Using VR-technology became one of the first big revolutionary steps that changed the whole thing, but was it enough? In the world, where you can do that via your phone right from your couch — surely not. It’s just a human nature — we always want more, so borders and restrictions are killing all fun. Why stay within four walls, when there is a whole world around you? Why focus on this moment, when you can reach any moment in time? Arcona can give you all that and more.

Let’s begin with the first restriction — four walls — and take quest out on the streets. Arcona Digital Land gives you an opportunity to create them on the streets of any city of your choice. The system automatically generates a digital layer, where you can do anything you want and link your puzzles with real landscapes. What’s even more important, is that no particular programming skills are required to create your own content — our developers are trying to create a user-friendly platform.

So, with Arcona you can not only get your quest outside, but do it remotely, which is possible due to a ready-to-use network of markers anchored in the landscape all over the world. Just imagine what opportunities it gives you! And talking about limits — why don’t use this platform to turn your quest into a real historical journey? Imagine not only placing your puzzle on the Colosseum Amphitheater — place it in Ancient Rome! This takes us to a whole new level, where we can not only bring entertainment in the fresh air but link it with educational processes, and that is, ladies and gentlemen, where fun meets social values.

And that is just little of what Arcona can do as a universal tool for self-realization. The sky is the limit! Or is it not?