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Introducing middle urbanism into a Miami fabric

“Building Sustainable Cities — And A Sustainable Future — Will Need Open Dialogue Among All Branches Of National, Regional And Local Government. And It Will Need The Engagement Of All Stakeholders — Including The Private Sector And Civil Society, And Especially The Poor And Marginalized.” — Ban Ki Moon — Secretary-General Of The United Nations

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Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

Miami has perfected two paradigms for living: the detached single-family house and the apartment or condominium high-rise. For the last 50 years the car has reigned supreme and little thought was given to walkable urbanism.

In Savannah, we witnessed a radically different model for living — infill urbanism. Within a height limited urban fabric composed of small lots, endless alternatives occur which embrace their dimensional limits with invention and creativity. While the overall massing of building may be prescribed, the internal configurations are unique and customized to reflect a wide range of living possibilities.

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Graduate Design 6 and Formative Studio 2 in Savannah, spring semester of 2017, the Department of Architecture of the College of Architecture + The Arts at Florida International University.

This project seeks to import infill urbanism into the Miami fabric. Micro-apartment buildings bring together different families and living situations under one roof. Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A. — Chair & Associate Professor Department of Architecture College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts — Florida International University

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Site Visit: w Jason Chandler and Andrew Frey of Tecela 769 NW 1st St Miami, FL 33128

A message from: Peter Licavoli — Executive Director — Architectural Research Collaborative — We are pleased to present the first in a series of three publications exploring the possibilities for affordable housing solutions in and around Miami Dade County. Through the ARC+ Buildgreen program, FIU Architecture students have had the opportunity to visit with some of the many dedicated individuals and organizations working on affordable housing solutions.

We visited sites in the City of Miami Beach: A special thank you goes out to Maria Ruiz, Director of Housing and Community Services for the City of Miami Beach:

Site Visit: 2660 Collins Avenue Miami Beach FL 33139

We visited with Steven J. Alexander, City Manager for the City of South Miami:

Site Visit: w Marcelo Fernandes of Grove Properties Southwest 59th Place South Miami FL 33143

…and worked with the Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida in Miami-Dade County and Hernan Guerrero, Community Development Director.

Site Visit: 2390 Northwest 79th Street Miami FL 33147

We are forever grateful to them for sharing their time and expertise with our students.

Our mission is to build collaborative communities dedicated to creating a sustainable and resilient future. We believe it is self-evident that affordable housing is essential to the sustainability of a community. The design and construction of affordable housing provides a challenging and pertinent use case for our organization. We believe this to be a unique opportunity to demonstrate the need for collaboration between companies and all community stakeholders in creating a sustainable urban environment

ARC+ Buildgreen is our flagship initiative on sustainable urbanism. It is an educational program that promotes partnerships on green building initiatives and sustainable architecture. Students gain valuable insight and experience by understanding how sustainable solutions are incorporated into real-world projects. We provide on-site experience and direct interaction with construction companies, architectural firms, and real estate developers.

Acknowledgements: Our sincerest thanks and gratitude go out to all those individuals who were integral in making this collaboration a reality:

Carlos Bravo, Urvanx Architects, Marcelo Fernandes, Grove Properties, Joey Woodworth, Buildworks, John Stuart, Executive Director, Miami Beach Urban Studios, Brian Schriner, Dean, College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, Florida International University, Jason Chandler, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Henry Rueda, Assistant Professor, FIU School of Architecture, Anielka Arguello, Florida International University, Graduate Assistant, Sandra Mustieles, Florida International University, Graduate Assistant Maria Ruiz, Director of Housing and Community Services for the City of Miami Beach, Steven J. Alexander, City Manager for the City of South Miami, Hernan Guerrero, Community Development Director for NHSSF

We would like to thank our newest sponsor Procore for their support of these studies. Additionally, we would like to applaud the Procore.org team for all the hard work they do in providing the resources and the platform that makes our work possible. Procore.org works with universities to educate the future construction workforce, support the advancement of the trades and skilled labor, and provide free access to Procore products for nonprofit organizations that are helping to build and rebuild within local communities. Darryl Kysar, Director, Procore.org, Tanya Yorks, Social Impact Specialist at Procore.org, Miles Anderson, Social Impact Strategic Advisor at Procore Technologies, Jessie Davidson, Educational Content Developer for Procore.org, Caroline Beightol Social Impact Specialist at Procore.org

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