Hey all you cats and kittens.

Hope you are healthy and well!

If anyone is looking for some extra germs, I’ll pay you in hugs to come fill in all the holes my dog is digging in my backyard.

Let’s jump right in today and get to the goods.


Hi friends!

Missing you all this sunny day. (Is it Thursday? Who even knows anymore.)

It’s hard to remember sometimes when you look out the window and see the blooms popping and the sun shining that there is a world emergency at hand. It’s an invisible and silent killer spreading…

Hi friends.

As we adapt to the new normal, I hope that everyone is enjoying their time at home as best you can. I know our dogs and cats sure are.

​Hang in there. The most important thing is that you are healthy right now. If you are, keep it…

Hello friends!

Though our worlds have changed and it’s unclear what they will look like each day when we wake up, it sure is nice when the sun comes out. ☀️☀️☀️

I’ve heard (and personally had) a lot of frustration with the unemployment process of late. We all know that…

Welcome to Monday…not that the day of the week means much anymore <that’s kinda nice>.

As I’m sure everyone already knows, tonight, 3/23/20 at 1159pm, we will enter a new stage of this world event. All of Ohio is being directed to stay at home until April 6.

Be smart…


We’ve all had some very busy days trying to figure out this new world we live in.

Unemployment, payroll, insurance, physical distancing, mental health, new operational rules. Can you believe it’s been less than a week since shit hit the fan?! It’s been a hella ride.

But now…we believe…

There are opportunities for employment popping up as the crisis continues.

Here are a few places to look….

Confirmed hiring opportunities

As the virus spreads into Ohio, here is a bit of up-to-date and accurate information we have gathered for you.

I know we are all worried about our finances and how we are going to make it through. But we also need to be thoughtful about our health. …

For all employees working through the unemployment process…

There is now a mass layoff number for your application.

If you have already filed this week, nothing should change for you if you didn’t enter this number.

But in future filing weeks, please enter this number when asked.

Mass layoff # — 2000180

Please use this number for all future reporting. It could speed up your payouts.


Team -

Here are a few resources that may assist in the upcoming days.

I don’t have access to hot schedules, so please send this along to all of your teams if you have access. Share it with anyone that would benefit.

  1. If you have been asked to stay home…

A&R Creative Group

A&R Creative Group-an independently owned restaurant group in Columbus, OH. Owner of The Crest Gastropubs, Alchemy Brands, Market Italian Village, and others.

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