Benefits of Undertaking Topographic Surveys before the Beginning of the Construction Process

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2 min readJul 10, 2017

Whether you are a builder, homeowner or a business owner, you require getting a topographic survey done if you are considering renovating or expanding your property. In fact, such type of surveys is one of the first steps considered necessary during any type of construction work. In fact, these surveys provide everyone involved with a clear picture about the land. These land surveys are used to identify both natural, as well as manmade features of a particular land and is performed by using both GPS and EDM technology. A topographic map shows a series of outlines that helps in realizing various changes in the land that might have taken place over a period of time.

Data gathered from these surveys are useful for identifying the map of the land. The features identified include existing features that could either be slightly or directly above, or beneath the surface of the earth, such as buildings, streets, trees, manholes, walls etc. The survey is indeed carried out during the planning phase of a developmental or construction project. The maps and contours developed from the survey data can serve as a project’s base map for a structure irrespective of whether it is a commercial, residential or any other structure.

Listed below are some major benefits of conducting a topographical survey:

Provide Necessary Data about the Land Before Making Changes to it: With a topographical survey, you can gather necessary data regarding the important features in, around and under the land.

Provide Information Regarding Prior Changes Made to the Land: Such surveys can provide information regarding changes that were made to it before being used. In fact, you can gather data, which might not be apparent from the plain sight. In fact, you can gather data regarding the changes that might have occurred over a period of time. This allows engineers to plan the structure while ensure that it is suitable for the land before beginning with the process of construction.

Ensure Durable Construction: Topographical surveys, which are undertaken before the construction of a project allows you to understand the topography of the land. The data gathered regarding the topography of the land is important to ensure a durable construction or a professional modification.

There are several companies that carry vast experience in performing topographic or land surveys. For an accurate survey, you may seek their services, which may prevent you from doing costly mistakes while ensure highest quality control.



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