I’m Mary Snap and I Tracked Mike Norton (NewNameNoah) at the LDS Church
Mary Snap

I have been out of the church for 15 years (I am an old guy). I follow mike on Youtube and appreciate his efforts to show the secret ceremony.

I remember when they had the old ceremony (pre-90’s) and when I talk about that, people have accused me of lying, because they never experienced that ceremony… I have had a lot of Mormons accusing me of lying when I share REAL things that happened within the LDS church. amusingly I have had instances on line where one mormon accused me of lying about an aspect of church history (smith shooting a gun at his attackers in Carthage jail)….. and then, another mormon accusing me of lying about the any mormon abusing me about it, because “Everyone knows that happened”

I think the strengthening the members committee was mentioned by Jeff Holland, in a BBC documentary at the time Romney was running. If you never heard about it, maybe it was too far above your level….. Or maybe you didnt have the requisite equipment between your legs, to be allowed that information

sorry to be crude, but it is very likely true