Arcticium 101

  • Register your project: Apply for your project to Arctic and provide information that people can know about your project.
  • Unlimited whitelist: Add as many whitelist spots of your project as you want for Arctic users.
  • Manage whitelisted users: You can purge the whitelist of users who do not meet the conditions you set(You must specify these terms in advance).
  • Export whitelist address: Export the addresses of the winners of the whitelist as csv.
  • Make your project’s Whitelists tradable: If you wish, you can send the whitelists to the winning wallets in ERC1155 format. Thus, users will be able to trade your whitelists in a marketplace (you already know which marketplace it is).
  • Save time: Have more time to develop your project instead of wasting time with all that chore.
  • Increase your success rate: By using Arctic, users will become more conscious users and your community will be of higher quality.
  • Staking service: Projects can get staking service from Arctic so they can offer their users a quick staking option.
  • Have fun: Now you won’t have to text for hours on Discord, you won’t spend most of your time on it, and you can get rid of all the boring, tiring chore and use your time to have fun in the ecosystem.
  • Brief information: You can get brief information about the projects.
  • Hype meter: If you haven’t done much research about the project and you can get a little idea about the project by looking at raffle or auction interest.
  • Whitelist management: You can easily find which projects you have whitelisted from in Arctic.
  • Trade your whitelist: If the project sends the whitelist you won as ERC1155 format, you can sell it in a marketplace, or if you didn’t get a whitelist from a project you really want, you can buy it from a marketplace.
  • Earn a whitelist while having fun: The winners of the competitions to be held in Briq will claim their whitelist from Arctic. In the future, you will be able to win a white list by having fun with many collaborations.
Projects can easily apply by filling out the form.
Users will have the chance to win a whitelist by participating in the Raffle or Auction, and can claim their whitelists by winning some contests.
Projects will be able to list details of wallets participating in raffle and auction.
Projects can view the list of winning wallet addresses,export them out as csv or distribute them as ERC1155 to be traded.

Development Updates:




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