I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

Wow Jason. I did not think that your common sense article and insight would produce such a revolt and flurry of comments, some which are clearly at the level of total ignorance and babble. I do like how you take the time to answer and read most of them, bravo. Personally, having been a student for the better half of my life and now teaching, I agree with your historical recount of how the entire system has changed and not for the better. It’s quite a laundry list of how things have been chipped away slowly once greed and financial benefits capitalized on this industry. Similar to how every insitution capitalizes on the money making scheme of every industry, from healthcare to IT and so forth. What is most troubling is the education itself. Once it was revered as a path of growth, knowledge and maturity, a passage of dedication, critical thinking, expanding the mind and pragmatic analysis of subject matter and data. It focused on experiments, history, confirmation of hypothesis and theory and productive critisism. But now it is an ends to a means for getting that 50cents raise or justifying getting paid more than minimum wage. No one respects a degree, you can virtually buy one. Online education has watered down the legitimacy of any semblence of learning and privatization has led to total falsification of any reality or truth or even facts — who is still teaching creationism today?

But I regress…. The sad fact is that both teachers and students are the losers and the Institution the omnipotent victor ( and hence the saying: to the victor goes the spoils). Well, I’ll leave it here as that. Plus, please don’t be too critical of my writing style or uncoventional thought process in writing coherently. But thanks for the article, your dedication to stand tall and continuation in teaching, despite the many obstacles. While I may sound pessimistic I try to be as optimistic as possible.


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