Announcing the Arcton Sharedrop

3 min readOct 16, 2023


We are excited to announce the sharedrop eligibility criteria, timeline, and details of the Arcton Share Token (ARC token).

Unlike traditional airdrops that distribute utility or governance tokens, Arcton’s sharedrop rewards early backers with actual Arcton’s shares, granting them shareholder rights such dividends, voting and proceeds of the sale of the company.

What is Arcton ?

Arcton is a next-generation crowdfunding platform, which introduces a brand new asset class to Web 3 users: Start-up Shares. On Arcton, investors can invest in Swiss & European startups starting from $100, and for the first-time trade tokenized startup shares 24/7 on our partner Camelot DEX, hence having a liquid secondary market.

Traditional Investment Challenges

Traditional investment in Web2 start-ups often requires substantial capital, typically around USD 50,000 per start-up. Moreover, investors have to wait up to 10 years before they can sell their shares. As a result, today only the wealthiest 3% of the population can invest in this attractive asset class.

Arcton’s Startup IPO

Startup IPOs represent the evolution of how start-ups raise capital and allow for broader participation. This process involves turning conventional start-up equity into tokenized shares under Swiss Law. These tokenized shares are more accessible and also offer enhanced liquidity. Through our collaboration with Camelot DEX, investors can now trade these shares in real-time, bringing unparalleled liquidity and flexibility into the startup investment realm.

If you want to read the whole Startup IPO process, you can find it here Gitbook

What is a Sharedrop?

The Sharedrop is designed to reward our earliest believers, who support us in launching the worldwide first start-up IPO — Money Masters. In exchange for your support, you will gain a reward in the form of our tokenized shares, the ARC Token.

What is the ARC Token?

The ARC token is a share of MetaOne AG, the company operating the Arcton platform. By participating in the sharedrop, investors become a shareholder of MetaOne AG. The functionality of this token is defined by Swiss law (read more in our Gitbook).

According to our latest financing round, one such ARC share is worth CHF 2.88 (~$3.2).

Sharedrop allocation

We allocate the sharedrop as follows:

· We allocate a maximum of 16’500 shares to users who invest in the first startup IPO of Money Masters. For every CHF 500 (~$550) invested, users will receive 5 Arcton shares.

· An additional portion will be allocated to the Zealy quests leaderboard meaning that the more xp you have the better. We will announce the exact number when the Sharedrop closes. Stay tuned!

Please note that the sharedrop is contingent on the success of the Money Master IPO. To be eligible for the sharedrop you need to register on .

Technical Data Sharedrop

Meet the Arcton Team and Our Investors

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We are hosting the first startup IPO. RWA at its finest, right from Switzerland.