घर संसार

आज 2017

Reflective practice is a process where one consciously engages in analysing their decisions, practice and learning. The names might vary, however, similar concept exists in some forms of meditation where one reflect and observe life or their day. It not only allows us to accept our decisions, but helps us to take out time to understand them, and how they might shape our future. It is conscious living.

My official struggle with writing a real=meaningful blog/article was an assignment on a reading given at Srishti by Tahireh Lal. Beautiful woman challenged the students with an interesting but tough assignment. We were to reflect, reflect on what we read. Although the term was familiar, its meaning was new to me. I had to look within and produce what I really felt. I had this fear of getting judged my work, be it writing, art or any creation. I still am. Majorly because I have seen better works. Probably, I always will. Home and away- a great article-by Sara Ahmed was the reading, and we had to explore the meaning of what home means to us.

I still don’t know if what I presented was what I felt or was I being just poetic. Now when I am at a stage of actually moving to a new home, hopefully I might get married to the love of my life :) , I am wondering what home means to me.

I feel home is where I feel secure, where I can sleep peacefully, where I know the switchboards, the secret trunks, the clean blankets, the off reach places. Home is where I know the smell, the bell, and where I can yell. As my future takes it shape, my home will be what I want it to be. I have to create a home, where the occupants and guests feel home and not just me.
Shiro: majestic pug

Sometimes I wonder where Shiro belongs. (Shiro is a majestic pug who has given us the honor to serve him). Where does he want to live. What is home to him? He is not an Indian specimen, like many around him, he has been living with us and was separated from his parents whether he wanted to or not. And then I want to take him along with me to my new home, but he also wants to be with my Dad, of which I am confident. So am still thinking what would be best for him. Only if he could talk. Would he rather choose me, dad, his parents or his mother country-China?

While I am exploring and a bit terrified of my changing homes, others are wondering when will I get married or will I always stay here

-at home

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