Life and Lifestyle of a Girl.

I need to talk about 2 topics that I only realized after I began transition. One is that girls have a standard of physical appearance to obtain. Before I ruffle some of y’all feathers, I not saying males don’t but there’s not as much for males and not as strict like females. And of course, not all females may feel this way. What’s funny is I remember my current and past girlfriends all saying the same thing “I need to get ready first” and I would say “who do you need to impress”. I didn’t realize then who she had to impress. It wasn’t about me, it was for herself and what society thinks a girl sound look. Girls don’t have to put on makeup to look pretty but for some reason it makes us feel better. Maybe it’s to make us feel better or maybe it’s so we don’t get judge by other girls or even guys. Girls choose to put on makeup, maintain their brows, shave their legs and under arms. Males don’t have to maintain any of this. It’s OK for males to not to do any of this and more importantly it’s actually kinda looked down upon when they do. Face shaving I have to admit is hard is sometimes painful and annoying but it’s OK if they don’t. A girl who wears a swimsuit or a dress who didn’t shave will have people looking and judging cause of it.

This leads me to my next topic, the pains that girls have to suffer in under to maintain that standard. I bring this up only after I had my brows done again yesterday and I forgot the pain I had to undergo which honestly it’s not that bad but it still hurt. Now with outfits, ladies y’all know the pain of wearing beautiful heels for too long. Not only that, wearing skirts or a dress on a cold night makes the night extra cold. Now, I know we ladies don’t have to wear these items come on its cute! But it’s not only because it’s cute but it’s almost required of us. Let’s be honest, men love a girl who wears heels and a dress and put on some makeup. That’s why we rarely see girls at proms, weddings, or other fancy events with pants, sneakers, and without makeup.

I bring this up because as a trans woman, I have to go beyond what a cis girl has to do. At the end of the day I still have masculine features that I have to cover up in order to “pass” as a girl and not be misgendered. I said this before and I’ll say it again, I don’t have have to “pass” as a girl in order to be accepted by society but I choose to for myself. It makes me happy. Maybe it’s why us girls go through what we go through because it makes us happy. Bottom line appreciate the time a girl takes to get ready and look pretty for you. Appreciate the things she wears and what she goes through in order to make herself and you happy.

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