Over time, my loneliness began to manifest itself as a physical sensation. As it advanced upon my very being, I found it characterized not by the relative emptiness of the environments in which I reside at any given time, but by an ever-present void which resides in me. Imagine this void as a black hole of sorts, into which my figurative heart endlessly descends. Meanwhile, my literal heart beats more and more softly, failing to effectively assert a liveliness in me, pantomiming the lifelessness I feel. What solace I do take in the fleeting, fortunately dilated periods wherein the tapping of my heart is set to pounding by some chemically-derived influence. I am thankful that I can escape myself with relative ease these days, but find discontent and dissatisfaction in the inevitability of returning home to nothing.

Jeffery Jackson, Jr.

I’d like my life to be an ongoing expression of beautiful things.

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